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Digital Workflow Application Road In Chutian Printing
- May 28, 2018 -

In the “12th Five-Year Plan” of the former State Press and Publication Administration, “digital printing, digital workflow, CTP, and digital management system were the focus of the promotion of digital technology in the printing industry”. It is now the fourth year of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. The digital technology has been “bred to fruition” by Chutian Printing General Company of Hubei Daily Media Group (hereinafter referred to as “Chutian Printing”) and brought to Chutian Printing. Great benefits, especially the application of digital workflows have achieved great economic and social benefits.

The introduction of digital workflow

Chutian Printing is a subsidiary of Hubei Daily Media Group. It was formerly the printing house of Hubei Daily Newspaper and was founded on July 1, 1949. Newspaper printing is the main business of Chutian Printing. With the increasing variety and number of printing newspapers, the purchase of printing equipment has become a top priority for Chutian Printing. Taking into account the long-term development of the company, Hubei Daily Media Group decided to establish Chutian Media Industrial Park in Wuhan Optics Valley New Technology Development Zone and relocate Chutian Printing to the industrial park as a whole. In June 2006, the first phase of the industrial park was the completion of the new printing plant main project. In order to relocate the printing factory without affecting the production tasks of the newspapers and satisfying the growing demand for newspapers, the company has newly introduced two Roland printing production lines and two Polaris XCV-Si polaris at the same time as the new factory building. Purple laser newspaper CTP equipment. The reason for the introduction of new CTP equipment is that the CTP equipment we introduced earlier in 2000, 2003, and 2005 had better results.

As the new plant is far away from the editorial department, we have adopted different data transmission methods for different newspapers. The group’s internal newspapers use dedicated fiber-to-peer transmissions and back up one satellite transmission line and one Internet transmission line at the same time; for the central generation that has satellite transmission protocols According to the report, we installed a satellite receiving antenna to automatically receive documents at our new factory; some of our newspapers use the FTP protocol or Tencent QQ to transmit data. Considering that all newspapers' information transmissions have been digitized, only the introduction of digital workflows can make greater use of the value of CTP devices, so we have introduced a digital workflow.

We introduced two Agfa Polaris XCV-Si violet laser CTP devices at the time of construction of the new factory. Founded by Founder, we consider that we already own the ERP management system of Founder All-Principal and used the CTF control software. The editorial editing system used by the Group's editorial department is also part of Founder's company. In order to enable prepress personnel to apply new software quickly and skillfully, the digital workflow can run smoothly, and the main functions and features of our work flow management system 4.3 are mutually smooth. After combing, we found that it fully meets the requirements of our company. Therefore, we have introduced the Founder Flow Workflow Management System 4.3.

After selecting a digital workflow, the hardware that it supports must also be complete. Because newspapers are characterized by their timeliness, political strength, and the variety of newspapers we print, we are equipped with dual servers that backup each other, and reserve six CTP devices at the same time, with four clients. , 1 ERP management computer, Founder Prinergy layout monitoring software and 2 digital proofing machines.

Everything is ready. On March 1, 2007, the production of the newspapers of Chutian Printing in the Chutian Media Industrial Park officially began, and the application of the digital workflow has since started in the Chutian Printing Service.

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