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Do A Good Job Of Map Printing Quality Control
- May 28, 2018 -

The quality of map printing is directly related to the quality of each production process. In terms of controlling the quality of each process and improving the quality of the finished product map, we groped for some work experience and shared it with everyone.

Strengthen the review and management link management

The review and proofreading process bears the quality control work prior to map printing, and it plays a prominent role in improving the quality of finished maps.

1. Strengthen the original map review

Through rigorous review of the original maps, we can find some errors in the principles of mapping and common issues, such as the various elements of the cover is not common sense; spot elements and surface elements placed on the surface when dyeing, because the mask is not deleted, The dyeing is covered; the angles of the symbol symbols in the EPS data generated after the data conversion are skewed or lost, and the characters appear in the font. After the problem is discovered, it is necessary to carry out targeted self-examination with the drafting staff in time and make timely changes to ensure the accuracy of the printed data.

2. Strengthen open proof proof review

Open proofs are sample proofs before the official printing. They are printed products and basically reflect the status of finished products. Before mass production, it must be carefully proofread. The main content of the proofreading is in addition to the content of the original drawings, but also the inspection rules, printing ink, dot distortion and apparent quality inspection.

Strengthen production site management

The majority of map printing quality problems occur in the printing production process, so the quality control at the production site must be particularly strengthened.

1. Create a corresponding job ticket and quality tracking card for each map

According to the corresponding assessment methods and rewards and penalties, corresponding work notices and quality tracking cards are created for each map. Each process and machine platform strictly complies with proofs, process requirements, and standard operating operations, and standardizes daily operations and related Maintenance of machinery and equipment. For example, in the job ticket, specify the task type, quantity, quality standard, completion time limit, and operator; the quality tracking card mainly records the quality data during the operation of the process, such as the bottom ash of the printing plate, the field density, the percentage of outlets, and the finished product. Maps on-site density, percentage of outlets, and quality assessment results.

2. Regular quality tracking

For the prepress, printing, printing and other production processes for quality tracking. Periodically analyze the records of map printing products, and conduct quality tracking. Use mathematical statistics to quantify the operation quality, look for the rules of waste production and change, and take necessary solutions to reduce or eliminate the production of waste products. For example, after the completion of each batch of tasks, the use of quality tracking card assessment results, summarize the quality of each process, the statistical analysis of various data, identify the regularity in order to set up a reasonable control point in the production process, that is, the production process in advance All factors affecting the quality of finished maps are controlled to monitor product quality and prevent problems.

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