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Do You Really Understand The Printing Photos And Plate Controls?
Jan 12, 2019

Pre-press output requires reasonable control of exposure time and developer concentration, so that the printed plates are clear and the dots are firm, which not only ensures the transfer effect of the dots, but also has a high printing durability. Through experiments, it is found that in the printing process, compared with the elliptical, diamond-shaped, and square circular dots, the pure circular dot is less deformed by the tensile (pressure) force, but tensile deformation and dot enlargement still occur. . Therefore, Shenzhen packaging custom manufacturers need to control the following aspects in the early graphic processing.

(1) Adjust the photo-reverse compensation curve to reduce the dot below 5% by 2%, 90% by 5%, and the exposure time to 100-120s.

(2) The PS plate with better quality is used to ensure that the blank part of the printing plate has good hydrophilic and oil repellency, and the oil and water repellency of the graphic part is good.

(3) In order to achieve an ideal development effect, it is preferable to use a developer solution compatible with the PS plate. Because the PS plate produced by different manufacturers has strong and weak alkali resistance, if the anti-alkaline PS plate is developed with a strong alkaline developer, the photosensitive layer without photodecomposition will be seriously affected, resulting in a smaller dot after development. The image tone is lost, so it is best to use the developer within the concentration range specified by the manufacturer. Otherwise, when the developer concentration is too large, the development operation is not easy to control due to the development speed too fast, especially for the image. Increased in sex, it is easy to cause the dot to shrink, damage, brighten the small dot loss or the coating is thinned, which causes the printing plate to reduce the printing durability; when the developer concentration is low, the alkali is weak, the development speed is slow, easy There is a phenomenon that the development is not clean, the layout is dirty, and the small dots are dark.

Due to the fast printing speed of commercial rotary printing presses and the difficulty in color control, the technical requirements of the operators of Xiamen Printing Factory are high. Therefore, the preparation work before printing is very important. On the one hand, the adjustment time can be shortened, the consumption is reduced, and the production efficiency is improved. On the one hand, it can guarantee product quality, improve customer satisfaction, and make enterprises have an advantage in market competition.

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