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Dongguan Custom Printing Dongguan Source Iron Force All Printing Exhibition
May 31, 2018

Dongguan Yuantie Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company specializing in the development and production of flexographic letterpress full-rotation label printing equipment and full-servo roll-to-roll multi-function precision screen printing equipment. The company integrates R&D, production, sales, maintenance and technical support, strengthens internal management, breaks the traditional machinery management model with scientific management methods, and strictly controls the operation of the company's various departments, with high-efficiency, low-cost, and cost-effective quality equipment. Reward customers. At this year's All In Print Exhibition, Dongguan Yuantie will bring a variety of products to the market. The following will introduce two star products.

New YTP-260R8C+1 Satellite Full Rotary Letterpress Printer

This model is based on the original YTP-260R8C+1 satellite full-rotation label printing press, and it is a new type of equipment that is produced by transforming and innovating the product structure and technology. The product structure of the equipment was changed from the original left-right type to the upper-lower one. Using a cannon to add a small cannon structure pattern not only guarantees absolute stability, but also saves equipment space, and is completely based on product design. The customer's requirements make a reasonable aesthetic appearance. At the same time, the functions of various parts of the equipment have also been optimized and the overall function has been greatly improved.

The model has the following features.

(1) With two cold ironing devices, the front, middle, and back cold ironing can be achieved by string paper, which can satisfy a variety of cold ironing requirements.

(2) It is possible to realize the simultaneous printing of the front and back sides of the printed product within 8 colors, realizing any combination, such as positive 1 back 7, positive 2 back 6, positive 3 back 5, positive 4 back 4.

(3) In addition to the traditional process of the past, other functions such as 2-color de-gluing, non-stencil lamination, transfer printing, two-layer label printing, in-mold label cutting, and inkjet printing can be added.

SWP-310-CNC Series Automatic Roll-to-Roll Multi-Function Printer

The model adopts advanced man-machine control interface and LCD touch screen display; the length of the squeegee stroke can be set, all settings are set by the LCD touch screen, easy to operate, simple to set; using mechanical synchronous transmission shaft and optical servo Positioning, with automatic screen printing system and tension control system; the whole machine adopts module design, which can increase bronzing and many other functions according to customers' requirements; it can be used for composite tube, all-plastic tube sheet and electronic protective film printing.

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