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Drawing Problems Packaging Printing Custom Factory Talks About Drawing Problems
May 21, 2018

It is believed that many printing plant operators will encounter irregular drawing of printing blanks during printing work. Their performance is sometimes absent, short in duration, and generally thick. There are three main points for the gift box printing custom factory to talk about its causes. Let's discuss it.

      1. The squeegee blade or foreign body stuck under the knife can move the squeegee up and down, before and after the printing process of the gift box printing custom factory, to remove the sticking foreign matter or use a bamboo stick to directly remove the squeegee blade. (Must be done by skilled operators to avoid unnecessary losses due to improper operation), and the squeegee must be thoroughly cleaned when necessary.


      Second, ink circulation is not enough

      Part of the ink in the ink tank dead space, due to not get a good circulation caused by resin precipitation, the formation of different sizes of crystals and agglomeration, or excessive drying caused the formation of the surface of the ink (summer easy to produce ink, spring and autumn because the temperature There are many cases of ink crystallization and agglomeration. As the ink is circulated, a part of the ink is crystallized or the roller is brought to the cutting edge by the rotating plate roller. The squeegee will break it and form a random wire drawing. Therefore, improvements must be made in both the circulation and filtration of the ink.


      (1) Cycle improvement. The first method is to tilt the ink tank to the left or right to ensure that the ink can be injected from the slightly higher end and flow out from the lower end to form a good circulation. In the second method, the ink tank is laid flat, but the ink must be injected from both ends simultaneously. In the middle of the reflow, it can also form a very good cycle, can not be injected from the single side of the ink. The


      (2) Filter improvement. Before the ink is used, it must be filtered for the first time. Even the new ink must be filtered. A filter of 140 mesh/inch is generally used.


      The method is to put a stocking under the ink fountain to form a filter bucket. After filtering for a period of time, if the filter is blocked and the ink flow is not smooth, you can use bamboo sticks to insert some small holes above the bucket to increase the number of holes. Ink effect. The bottom of the bucket can also play a role in depositing impurities.


      Third, ink fatigue This situation occurs in the printing area of the ink is relatively small. During the printing process, the resin in the ink is continuously consumed. If the solvent is continuously added without adding new ink, the resin will not be replenished, and the proportion of each component of the ink will change, thus causing ink fatigue and affecting normal use. Appropriately adding new ink will solve the problem.


      Through the above three points, the gift box printing custom factory believes that everyone understands, let us work together, learn together, share the printing knowledge together.

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