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E Box Printing, Opening Up E-commerce Blue Ocean
Dec 06, 2018

In recent years, the packaging and printing market is fiercely competitive: printing peers invest heavily in packaging and printing equipment, and gradually squeeze the original market; printing companies and customers are too sticky, relying on price and relationship to compete with each other; the rise of Internet + and customer demand are Constantly changing... All of this shows that the traditional business model of printing companies is no longer adapted to the new situation, and printing companies are once again thinking about change.

What direction does Jinguan Technology have to transform and what is the future business model? With such questions, we have conducted in-depth communication with our customers and finally found that the needs of customers are being purchased from one-off bulk. Converted into multi-batch small-volume purchases, the development of Wanzhong Entrepreneurship and e-commerce also demanded small orders, but such a large number of small orders were not effectively met.

At present, small orders have many pain points such as high transaction cost, high proofing cost, low efficiency, high regional threshold, difficulty in finding a printing factory, complicated transaction process, unqualified quality, high price, long delivery time and cumbersome design. If you can break through one by one, you will win an opportunity to enter the hundreds of billions of markets. Therefore, we must try to break this hard bone!

To this end, Jinguan Technology has created the only Internet printing e-commerce platform in the country that solves the market pain point of the small-box industry in the color box packaging industry.

E-box printing is an Internet-printed e-commerce platform jointly developed by strong professionals in the packaging and printing industry, experienced e-commerce people, and highly skilled system developers. The pain points of the color box printing industry are all three arrows. Completely solve the industry problems: 1Using Internet thinking and technology to realize online automatic quotation, online ordering and online follow-up of small orders for color box packaging, ensuring standardization, simplification and industrialization of small orders; 2Using Internet 3D modeling technology, Realize the WYSIWYG of packaging design, save the physical proofing process, shorten the printing process, enhance the user experience, reduce the production cost, re-integrate the industrial chain of packaging and printing; 3Build the production line of Industry 4.0, realize the production of small orders, use The self-developed flexible supply chain management system realizes order management automation, production informationization and standardization.

In the future, e-box will also manage and control the production supply chain of small orders nationwide, achieving the same quality, same service and the same standard.

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