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May 28, 2018

Sunshine Printing Network is China's leading non-core procurement platform for enterprises, providing enterprise customers with more than 1,500 categories of fixed product procurement services, covering business printing, carton packaging printing, pan-printing, gifts, marketing items, consumables, storage logistics supplies , door display racks and so on. As one of the representative enterprises in the “Internet + Industry” field, Sunshine India has currently integrated tens of thousands of supply companies, providing enterprise procurement services for hundreds of thousands of SMEs and thousands of group customers. The service covers the entire country. More than 300 cities and more than 1600 counties.

Sunshine Printing Network is in a period of rapid development, and the number of service customers and partners is increasing. How to manage these partners and customers more effectively and provide them with better services has become a problem that Sunrays Printing Network urgently needs to solve. Sunshine Printing Network hopes to solve the complex large-scale customer business relationship processing and complicated personnel communication problems in the sales process through an integrated mobile CRM solution, and hopes that the solution can be connected with the original business system of the enterprise. Solve multi-system interactions and other issues to achieve efficient enterprise operations.

Sunlight has extensive experience in purchasing software solutions and IT operations. It has high requirements for CRM selection: high scalability, fast response, and high-level data security protection. After comprehensively comparing several CRM products, Sunshine Printing Network was finally impressed by the R&D capabilities, professionalism and service capabilities of Red Circle Marketing.

In the future cooperation, Red Circle Marketing will help establish a digital and intelligent mobile sales management platform to make it more efficient to connect with customers and partners. In the future, it will also be based on the capabilities of the Red Circle Cloud-based PaaS platform. , CRM and the company's existing business systems to open up to form an integrated management model to help to further consolidate the advantages of supply chain and customer service capabilities, and build a more efficient enterprise procurement ecosystem.

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