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E-commerce Packaging Color Box Printing Factory E-commerce Packaging Can Not Be Underestimated
May 17, 2018

Folding Box Printing Factory In today's era of advanced Internet, e-commerce has grown tremendously. The overall proportion of e-commerce retail sales was incredibly small, with 9% and 17% in the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively, but continued to grow. However, e-commerce has become mainstream in China, which cannot be underestimated and indispensable. If brands do not have the best packaging for e-commerce, they will lose a good chance.

       In part, people use digital solutions as a tool to play with fun and practicality on the packaging. The characteristics of non-contact digital direct-printing and digital information management are worth exploring and playing.

Today, people have used this feature to explore more effective ways: variable data printing, personalized printing of box printing plants, packaging logistics big data, intelligent industrial chain ecological network construction, and so on. Online retailers can get more attention through the fun of packaging; they can print out discount information, sources, traceability QR codes, etc. as selling points, and can print on the packaging to improve the practicality of packaging.

Nowadays, people buy their daily necessities on the Internet, so in addition to necessities of life, online shopping also adds a brand new consumer expectation. The packaging of e-commerce also provides a brand of experimental and innovative new environments: consumer home and social feedback. The design company helps start-ups and challenging brands build full-brand e-commerce packaging for color box printing plants.

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