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Embrace The Digital Age
- May 28, 2018 -

On May 28, HP's new 26-inch HP T260 monochrome inkjet rotary press was officially launched at the installation ceremony of Dongguan Hucai Graphic Arts Co., Ltd. The theme of the event was "Hold the Digital Age, All-Round, Publishing the Future," with Gido van Praag, vice president and general manager of Graphic Arts Solutions Division, Asia Pacific and Japan, Hewlett-Packard Co. Print and Information Products Group (PPS). Aurelio Maruggi, Vice President and General Manager of the Solutions Division, Roy Eitan, Director and General Manager of Indigo Digital Printing, Graphic Printing Solutions Business Unit, Asia Pacific and Japan; Xu Man, General Manager, Indigo/Inkjet Digital Printing Greater China, and Tiger Color Graphics Chen Cheng-Sheng, chairman of the board of directors of the company, fully attended the meeting. According to reports, this HP T260 monochrome inkjet rotary printing press is specifically designed for Tiger Color's on-demand publishing business. This time, the three HP T260 monochrome inkjet rotary presses purchased by Hucai Dongguan On Demand Publishing Base are the first installed machines of Hewlett-Packard’s equipment in the world. HP’s responsible person stated that this device will help Hucai. Achieve a brand new printing model in China's publishing industry.

Experts see the point

At the meeting, HP's four senior executives and Chen Cai-Cheng, chairman of Hu Cai, revolved around the theme of “embracing the digital era, sharing and publishing the future” and analyzed the status quo of the domestic publishing industry. Chen Chengwen spoke first. “At present, the biggest pain point for domestic publishing organizations is that the inventory of books exceeds the actual sales. From the standpoint of cost, the cost of traditional printing is lower than the cost of digital printing, but digital printing equipment can help publishers. Implementing the on-demand publishing model and providing a small number of books to help publishers reduce their investment in printing costs and avoid the risks associated with inventory backlogs. The hidden costs of these icebergs are gradually being used by publishing organizations. Attention, so, on-demand publication must be the mainstream trend of domestic book publishing in the future.” As Chen Chengwen said, the keen tiger color has already begun to deploy the domestic on-demand publishing market in 2012. At the end of 2012, the first on-demand publication base of Tiger Color was settled in Beijing, a gathering place for publishing institutions. According to statistics, more than 70% of the country’s publishing organizations are located here. One and a half years later, Tiger Colors once again dropped the tentacles of on-demand publishing to its headquarters in Dongguan. At the same time, Shaoxing, its third on-demand publication production base, is actively preparing for the event. “At present, Tiger Color’s business model will center on out-of-print books and off-line books and establish an e-commerce platform and production network. When e-commerce platforms receive orders, Tiger Color will select the nearest printing point from the user’s delivery address for cost-effective production. Printing.” Chen Chengwen added.

In recent years, HP has frequently issued digital printing equipment for packaging, labeling, on-demand publishing, and commercial printing. However, in the past, color high-speed inkjet devices were introduced. This time, the HP T260 monochrome inkjet was customized for Tiger Color. Ink rotary press is precisely for the needs of the domestic publishing market. Xu Man, general manager of Hewlett-Packard Indigo/Inkjet Digital Printing Greater China, set out from the function of the equipment to interpret the status of domestic publishing for the audience. "The future book market opportunity will not be smaller than any other segmentation area. At present, from a worldwide point of view, the biggest problem with book printing is the short color printing, so the on-demand publishing equipment developed by HP starts with a short color version. After slowly entering China’s publishing industry, we discovered that 80% of the book printing business in China’s publishing industry is still dominated by monochrome. After Chen’s detailed requirements were put forward, it also aroused our strong resonance. Want to enter China's short-run printing industry, the real entry point but also mainly black and white, color short-run printing can be slightly delayed. "So, this HP T260 monochrome inkjet rotary press came into being.

Technical inventory Detailed two advantages of T260

The advantages of a format more suitable for domestic book specifications

The HP T260 Monochrome Ink Jet Rotary Press is available in 26-inch (66 cm) wide paper and can be efficiently nested when printing books. It can complete 3 16-up or 4 32-inch (6-inch by 9-inch) side-by-side printing. Comparing with the 30-inch digital printer, the waste of printing materials was reduced. The printing speed reached 800 feet (244 meters) per minute, which improved the printing efficiency. According to statistics, the HP T260 monochrome inkjet rotary printer can print about 123 million A4 sheets or 210 million 6-inch by 9-inch (152.6 mm by 228.6 mm) images each month, increasing the number of images from traditional printing to digital printing. Print Shift Return on Investment.

At the same time, Chen Chengwen added that in the future, Tiger Color will standardize the specifications of the books, mainly based on A4, A5, B4, B5, and small full-size five specifications. By that time, the advantages of the HP T260 monochrome inkjet rotary press on the web will be fully highlighted.

Advantage II Equipped with coating agent to expand the adaptability of printing materials

Along with the HP T260 monochrome inkjet rotary press, HP's new HP Priming Solution coating solution was launched. According to Aurelio Maruggi, vice president and general manager of the Jet Rotation Solutions Division, this unique coating media solution eliminates the need for coating and allows ordinary offset paper to absorb ink well. Reduce the time cost and printing costs in the coating process, that is, with the HP Priming Solution coating solution, the HP T260 monochrome inkjet rotary printing press is truly expanding the printing material to the traditional offset paper.

“The publishing market is unpredictable and digital printing technology is the key to the success of India and China in the publishing business,” said Gido, vice president and general manager of Graphic Graphics Solutions Group, Asia Pacific and Japan, Hewlett-Packard Co. Print & Information Products Group (PPS). Van Praag said: "The HP T260 is our customer-driven innovation. We designed solutions specifically for visionary customers like Tiger Color to help them achieve on-demand printing and turn the vision into reality." Last Gido According to the disclosure, HP plans to start providing T260 monochromatic inkjet rotary presses to the world by the end of 2014.

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