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Embrace The Internet And Seek A New Future
Dec 06, 2018

Senior Engineer and Senior Economist, Wuxi Shuanglong Information Paper Co., Ltd. Tao Ruiyu

Transformation and development is an important task faced by the state and enterprises. It is particularly important for the transformation and development in the era of low economic situation in the country. It is a fundamental policy for sustainable development of a company. It is like a butterfly, it is a new life, it also means bumps and pains. At present, the paperless and electronic process of bills is accelerating, which requires bill printing companies to find new business models, and "Internet +" is a good slogan. Wuxi Shuanglong has injected new competitiveness into the company by adopting the business model of “Internet + Internet of Things” and “Internet + E-commerce”.

(1) "Internet + Internet of Things". Wuxi Shuanglong introduced the Internet of Things RFID (RF) technology, entered the field of “smart bills”, and established the Internet of Things RFID business unit, which is responsible for the market development and technical process research of RFID products. In September 2012, Jiangsu ABC was completed as scheduled. The packaging project of RFID radio frequency chip has been fully promoted by Jiangsu Agricultural Bank. Based on this, the project won 3.2 million yuan of support for the Internet of Things and cloud computing industry in Wuxi in 2012. At present, smart notes of other commercial banks are also under development. In 2014, the company developed the “Color Lottery IoT Intelligent Information Management System”. After trial operation in Wuxi and Suzhou, it has been fully launched in Jiangsu Province. The project won the “Wuxi National Sensor Network Innovation Demonstration Zone No. 3 Top Ten Application Cases of the Internet of Things. In order to better expand the market, we also established "Wuxi Shuanglong Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd.".

(2) "Internet + e-commerce". As one of the traditional enterprises, Wuxi Shuanglong continued to use the original marketing model as the engine of market development. However, the company decided to take the e-commerce road in early 2014 and set up an e-commerce project department. After more than two years of development, Wuxi Ssangyong’s e-commerce work has been carried out very well.

In terms of team building, at the beginning of 2014, there was only one person in Wuxi Shuanglong doing e-commerce. After the company officially established the e-commerce project department in August 2014, there were newcomers joining, and now there are 12 professionals.

In terms of specific practice, after a period of exploration and learning, Wuxi Ssangyong E-commerce Project Department has gradually developed from Taobao, HC, Tmall and Alibaba overseas stations from only one 1688 TrustPass platform. The platform has cooperated with famous e-commerce companies such as Jingdong, No. 1 Store and Amazon.

The transformation of enterprises should first be the transformation of ideas, and “transformation” is not “transfer”. "Returning" is to break away from the existing industry or industry, and to start a "stove" and implement cross-industry development and management. This requires a lot of manpower and financial resources, not only the cycle is very long, but also the possibility of success is relatively low. The "transformation" is carried out on the basis of the existing industry or industry form, and can utilize the company's original resources, with low cost and easy success. But the transformation is constantly evolving, and as time goes by, the transformation is deepening. Our company has undergone many transformations. Each transformation has promoted the development of the company and the upgrading of its products. Every transformation has not left the printing industry. This also makes Wuxi Shuanglong now a leading position in the domestic industry. I believe that the enterprises that survived the economic downturn must be the best!

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