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Environmental Policy Environmental Policy Closely Follows India's Lifeline How Far Is Shenzhen's Printing Green Printing?
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Environmental policy closely follows India's lifeline How far is Shenzhen's printing green printing?


Green printing is not unfamiliar to us printers. Since 2010, green printing has first been promoted in the field of textbook printing. In 2011, the country began to advocate green printing, but many printing companies did not act and just looked at it quietly. .


Xianglee Shenzhen Printing Factory has successively passed the international environmental management system certification, international quality management system certification, and national occupational health and safety management system certification. To ensure green printing and to implement the state policy level, the "13th Five-Year Plan Outline."

The contents of the policy clearly stated that the reform of the total pollutant control system and the expansion of the total control of pollutants have been expanded. In key regions and key industries, the total amount of controlled emissions of volatile organic compounds was promoted. The total amount of emissions in China dropped by more than 10%, and the packaging and printing industry was included in key industries.

As of the end of 2017, the footprint of VOCs discharge charges nationwide has spread over 21 provinces and cities across the country. Since January 1, 2018, the "Pilot Program for Volatile Organic Compounds Charges and Charges" was formally repealed and it has withdrawn from the stage of history. On January 1, 2018, the “Environmental Protection Tax Law” was formally implemented. The change of environmental protection fees and taxes has brought VOCs governance to the legal level, and enforcement efforts have been further strengthened. At present, 31 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) have successively announced the specific tax amount and number of items for the environmental taxes on taxable air pollutants and water pollutants.

Throughout the entire process of green printing, the concept of "people-oriented" has always been adopted. Under the guidance of the scientific outlook on development, everything is based on "people" as the starting point, and everything is for "people", focusing on public health and safety. In the printing industry, there are 3.56 million employees. First, they must pay attention to their health, pay attention to their work environment and various materials that they come into contact with every day. In addition, the printing industry is a “clothing, wearing, and capping” industry that serves various industries. , closely linked with the daily life of the people, each of us has access to a large number of printed products every day, especially publications for children and children, and packaging for food and medicine. Therefore, the implementation of green printing is a major issue in protecting the health of all people.


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