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Environmentally Friendly Materials For Flexible Packaging Are Still Immature, And The Overall Cost Of Different Materials Varies.
- Nov 09, 2018 -

In response to the call for national green environmental protection, more and more flexible packaging companies are beginning to use environmentally friendly materials. Our company mainly starts from solvent-free adhesives, water-based adhesives, paper-plastic composite packaging materials.


The solvent-free composite process can effectively reduce costs, save energy and reduce consumption, improve production safety and stability, and improve product quality. It is a production process that is worthy of vigorous promotion and is of great practical value. At the end of 2011, our company introduced a complete set of solvent-free composite technology including solvent-free composite equipment and solvent-free adhesive. It has been explored for about half a year, and the technology has been applied more maturely in our company. Our company has a large business volume. At the beginning of the application of solvent-free composite technology, the cost advantage is highlighted, and the total cost has dropped by about one-third. Specifically, the cost of the composite process in the past was about 0.09 yuan / square meter, and after applying the solventless composite technology, it dropped to 0.03 to 0.04 yuan / square meter. In addition, our company also applied water-based adhesives, the cost of the composite process is about 0.05 yuan / square meter, and the application cost of solvent-free adhesive is not much different. Both of these adhesives are essential for reducing VOCs, and they all contribute to the cost reduction and efficiency of our company.

2. Paper-plastic composite packaging materials

Our company mainly produces paper and plastic packaging products, which will use a lot of paper and plastic. In the past, in the paper-plastic composite packaging we produced, the amount of paper used was about one-third, and the amount of plastic used was two-thirds. As we all know, paper is easier to recycle and reuse, but plastic is relatively less environmentally friendly and will cause certain pollution to the environment. As the country pays more and more attention to environmental protection, and the company also wants to contribute to environmental protection, our company has proposed to build a green packaging base. One of the measures is to improve the proportion of the substrate of paper-plastic composite packaging materials. After a lot of exploration and experimentation, the ratio of paper to plastic can now reach 1:1. By reducing the amount of plastic used, the environmental performance of our paper-plastic composite packaging will increase. But when it comes to cost, nothing has changed in general. Originally, paper is cheaper and plastic is more expensive. It is reasonable to reduce the amount of plastic used. The cost should be reduced. However, in the past two years, the price of paper has been rising, which has basically offset the reduction of plastic cost, so now the paper-plastic composite packaging The cost is about the same as before.

In addition, we have unified the size of the gravure, which not only saves the amount of rubber rollers and scrapers, but also reduces the manpower on the production line, saving costs invisibly. This item, although not taken from the perspective of environmentally friendly materials, is also a manifestation of the reduction in consumption of rubber rollers and scrapers.

At present, the environmental protection materials for flexible packaging are not very mature. We have only made some attempts and found that the comprehensive cost of different environmentally friendly materials varies. In the future, we will continue to pay attention to the research and application of environmentally friendly materials, starting from our own environmental protection, and contributing to the green cause of the motherland.

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