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Factors Of Food Packaging Design Printing Shenzhen Printing Plant Food Packaging Design Important Factors, You Know?
May 18, 2018

When many people purchase food, they will see the package at the first glance. The package will play a large role because the packaged product cannot be seen inside. If the person who produces the food himself says good, the package The appearance is less than peers, often customer selection is the first focus on appearance, resulting in the desire to buy, and the first step on the appearance of the fall, it is a loss, it also shows directly the importance of food packaging, Shenzhen printing plant The most important two-point appearance and color are considered to be important factors that cannot be ignored in packaging design.

Package shape design:

       Food packaging in the shape of the design will take into account both consumer and product aspects. From the consumer's point of view, the Shenzhen printing factory market tends to be more convenient for packaging design, such as good portability and easy operation. Therefore, flexible packaging design and diversified size design have become one of the mainstream trends in packaging design. From a product point of view, packaging design generally starts with raw material properties, product features, and other aspects. For example, the design of the Nongfu Spring Natural Mineral Water Bottle, which is now very successful, is inspired by the falling water droplets.

Package color matching:

       In many of Shenzhen's printing product packaging design, all of them are able to attract the consumers' attention with the quickest, eye-catching and pleasing. Rich colors convey different tastes, presenting different quality styles and decorative charms. The choice and combination of colors is a very important part of packaging design and is often the key to the quality of packaging design. Under the influence of minimalism, from the shackles of the traditional colors, combined with the modern packaging design theory and the attributes of the goods, the packaging designed using gold, silver, black, white, and gray in achromatic color is more The eternal beauty of the goods. The special nature of the achromatic system provides a stage for the packaging of many products.

       Packaging design is not only a means to enhance the desire of customers to buy, but also a manifestation of brand culture. Unique packaging is not only a symbol of the brand, but also a silent spokesman for the product, affecting the desire of consumers to buy.

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