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Fast Print Shop Fast Print Shop Can Become Traffic Entrance?
May 28, 2018

The digital printing industry's vertical and horizontal lines are brewing under the countertops. If you look at the domestic market from the sky, you will find surging winds, and the beginning of the day in the cloud cloud will start at Shenge Pavilion. The mountain will be full of wind and the entire digital printing market will be The atmosphere of "a big event will happen" shrouded.

Want to be a traffic portal, each show their own magic

For example, in combination with India's 17 large-scale chain stores in various regions, the company has already integrated more than 300 fast-printing stores since its inauguration, and the platform is under construction, and India and India have announced that all future software will be provided free of charge. Fast print shop use. The largest number of stores combined with India is the most powerful alliance system in the industry. Among them, Mr. Wang Lingyun, who is in charge of the software development of the digital platform, has developed the management system of the fast printing shops and printing plants under the Lingyan Digital Printing Group in Shanghai. Everyone believes that this is the most automated production of the national fast printing shops. The system of efficiency, it can be imagined that the platform that they construct should be more suitable for the development of the quick printing shop than any other platform in the country.

In addition, the 17 fast-printing stores of the Union-Printing Union are among the best in each region. They feel the changes in the fast-printing industry and must combine a large number of fast-printing stores and high-efficiency platforms to cope with future industrial changes. It can be said that the establishment of India and India is a muddy industry, which has brought about the trend of using the cloud platform as the center to combine fast-printing store chains.

Henan is the most concentrated area of domestic combined printing, which is the most efficient province in which domestic printing services use the Internet. All of these can be printed and established platforms to serve the physical printing plants and stores. It has integrated 43 physical factories and 154 offline stores, covering almost all cities in Henan and radiating to many key cities in the province.

Hangzhou Hengyi was originally one of the largest fast-printing chain stores in China. It began to expand its alliance at the end of last year with a target of 10,000 stores. At present, it has grown from 80 original stores to over 100 stores.

In addition, Hunan (Xinyin) Group has to grasp the resources of the provincial government to integrate new and help fast printing shops, with the goal of clearly decentralizing the fast printing shops operated by the more than 40,000 Xinhua townships in the country.

Guangdong Weiyue Enterprise is seeking an alliance between advertising and design companies. It expects to open more than 50 new stores in one month. The first stage aims at 500 new stores. Currently, there are three printing companies that have established platform-supply and alliances. The product lines of 8 single-product printing plants help store customers to serve their customers.

The Yinyi Association is a friendship group of many fast-printing chain stores across the country that learns from each other. Among them, 17 have participated in “Haiyin”, and other members who have not participated in and printed in India have been distributed in major cities and on their own sites. One of the overlords, the wave of alliance in this wave of stores, do not intend to absent, each have their own plans ... ...

The future of fast printing shops can not be without network platform

I remember that in 2015, domestic printers of all sizes discovered that online orders were not as imaginable, and began to place hopes of expanding their performance on offline portals. Perhaps due to the timeliness, the promotion of fast printing shops may not be fine enough. The result is that At the “Digital Printing in China” Technology Summit Forum in 2015, the fast printing shops collectively criticized the sincerity of the e-commerce platform, resulting in the stagnation of cooperation between e-commerce and fast-print shops.

In two to three years, most e-commerce companies could not find good reasons to persuade fast-printing shops to join, in turn, fast-printing shops learn and discuss each other in various ways, plus the media’s help in the new retail reports. Instead, the industry has reached a consensus that the future of fast printing shops cannot be without network platforms.

New Retail has spread the concept of retail stores combined with big data management. New retail stores have big data this magic weapon. Even if they sell the same number of products with the same quality as traditional retail stores, the competitive advantage of low inventory can not be explained. Inventory advantages, as well as the software resource costs of the shared management system, as well as the scale advantages of the product supply chain. Like Can Printing and Weiyue, they all set up a product line under their own platform, and then went to attract stores to join.

The gourd doll platform provides thousands of excellent single items for examination. As long as the fast printing chain is willing to cooperate, the gourd doll can immediately supply various suitable single items to increase the turnover of the stores.

Under the countertops, there was a constant belief that there was a belief in the formation of this wave of fast printing shops forming alliances. We all think that the trend points to a new situation where the “stores are small and large and the central factory is large and smart”. Whether it is the collection of big data or a cooperative product supply chain, the more the number of stores aligned with each other, the higher the benefits, and the economies of scale are self-evident.

The problem is that the small stores are more logically consistent with the logic of business, but more stores inevitably require more prepress masters, and talent has always been a problem for all innovative business models.

There is also Yin Qingyi's teacher who introduced the "Quick Printing Robot." Previous prepress digital tools must have a friendly user interface that printers like to use. The fast printing robot "doesn't have" a user interface. When the file comes, the robot judges itself, selects the appropriate process automatically, and the digital press starts printing.

It seems that the fast printing robot can reduce the store's reliance on prepress talent and help each league eliminate the rapid development of talent problems in the small stores. The future can not be smart.

One printing factory is removed from the city center several hundred kilometers away. The printing orders will not leave the city center. A new situation of the printing industry is forming. The quick printing shop has become the gateway for future printing orders and has already been hoped for.

Which Express Alliance will become the "flow entrance" for printing?

A lot of drunk people can not easily reach the destination, the future flow of access, the conditions are in sight, but also see who has execution, only to see the real chapter.

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