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Fisheye Phenomenon Caused By Dust, Paper, Paper, Ink, Etc.
Jan 12, 2019

Do you know the fisheye phenomenon caused by dust, paper wool, paper scraps, ink and so on? The following Xiangli Dongguan Printing Factory will take you to discuss

the reason

       One-point cutting environmental sanitation, cutting blade precision, cutting equipment accuracy

       a printing workshop environmental sanitation, the cleanliness of printing equipment,

       A temperature difference between the cutting and printing environment, extremely static

       A defect in the fiber properties of raw materials and the quality of printing inks

Fisheye phenomenon

       One is the ink point in the middle, surrounded by a ring blank

       A regularity, usually starting with a white point, and then the same shape of the fisheye, the number of cycles of the fisheye is uncertain, usually several to dozens


       Maintain environmental sanitation, regularly clean equipment, and ensure standard temperature and humidity

      A method of improving the accuracy of the slitting equipment, requiring slitting and printing equipment to install a static eliminator and a material surface cleaner.

     A printing ink that selects high quality printing materials

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