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Flexo Highlights Green Charm
Jan 12, 2019

Although the time for flexo to enter the Chinese market is not long, its “floating” in the Chinese market is much more than any other printing process “veteran”. Even so, Flexo is still working tirelessly in the Chinese market. Facts have proved that this "cultivation" has indeed brought in a little "harvest": the installed capacity of the unit-type flexo printing machine in China has achieved double-digit growth for six consecutive years, and the increment has exceeded 100 in four consecutive years. These figures strongly explain the continuous development of the domestic flexo industry and undoubtedly send a positive signal to the flexo industry in China.

At the same time, with the increasing promotion of green printing in the past two years, as the “example” of environmental protection, Flexo has won an unprecedented “golden” development period. In order to successfully catch up with this development "fast train", whether it is a flexo supplier or a flexo-printing company, it is "hard work".

The efforts of flexo suppliers are mainly reflected in three aspects: First, the continuous introduction of new flexo printing technologies, such as flat top dot plate making technology and full HD flexo printing technology, to meet the new round of challenges with a new attitude; Actively promote the cultivation of talents, and promote the rapid development of flexo printing in China from the root cause. For example, the latest development training and practice of university flexo printing carried out for two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012, the next one is the thirst for the flexo printing industry. The field is “timely rain”; the third is to actively expand the application field of flexo printing, such as Beiren Fuji and Yi Gaofa actively research and develop book flexo printing machine to support the promotion and application of flexo printing materials. Xi'an Dexin has introduced wide width for reel metal plate printing. The flexo press pioneered the creation of flexographic steel.

Flexo companies are also actively moving, constantly introducing new technologies and striving to improve the quality of flexo printing. The 8th National Flexographic Print Quality Evaluation Campaign is a good confirmation of this. More than 100 works from 39 units in 16 provinces and cities participated in the competition. The overall quality of the works is higher than previous years. The number has increased by more than 20% compared with the previous session. This is a strong confirmation of the increasing emphasis on flexo printing by flexo companies.

It can be said that Flexo has just passed the initial stage in the Chinese market and is moving steadily towards the middle and advanced stages. At the same time, the “Twelfth Five-Year” flexographic industrial equipment development plan pointed out that the flexo printing process will be vigorously developed, especially in the aspects of food, medicine, children's cultural and educational supplies, etc. I believe that in such a big environment, flexo will definitely show unlimited green charm!

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