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Flexo Printing Machine New Technology
Jan 11, 2019

First, the plate roller pillow technology of the unit type. At present, this technology is widely used in label printing machines, such as the Flower structure of the Kedu flexo press, the Maididi P series, the STF-340-8C combined flexo press of the solar machine, and the new models of Omit. The roller pillow technology is used to add two iron plates at both ends of the plate roller to control the pitch of the gear. I think this technology is very necessary to promote to other printing presses. Second, the central impression roller temperature control technology of the satellite model. Why can a narrow-format flexo press print 175 lines/inch and 1% dots, while a wide-format satellite flexo press can only print products below 133 lines/inch? Can it be said that the accuracy of the wide format machine is worse than that of the narrow one? In fact, the reason is that the wide-format satellite flexo press center embossing roller will expand after being heated, which will increase the printing dot and easily cause blockage. The US PCMC flexo press has special control technology, but the price is very high, so it is difficult to promote it. Fortunately, the central embossing roll temperature control technology is now available on the market and is very effective. In May of this year, I tested a flexo printing equipment. The drying temperature between the color sets was set at 60 °C. Before starting the machine, the surface temperature of the center embossing roller was measured at 30 °C. The machine was running all day, and the center was measured again before the shutdown at night. The surface temperature of the platen roller was kept at 30 ° C and the absolute error did not exceed 1 ° C. Third, the Kiss&Go printing pressure open-loop control technology sampled by a CCD camera. After the central embossing roller is thermally expanded, the printing color set can be retracted by the automatic control software to keep the printing pressure constant. This technology pioneered the printing of high-line printing plates with satellite models. Fourth, the closed-loop control technology of printing pressure, which is represented by AVT and automatically detected and fed back by CCD camera. First print a cursor, then measure the print cursor, use this print cursor to measure the dot expansion, in fact, it is to detect the gap between the center platen roller and the plate roller, and realize the automatic adjustment of the printing pressure. Compared with the open-loop control mode, the closed-loop control mode is more stable, and of course the cost is higher. In addition, based on the detection and feedback of the full-servo model's resistance torque, to control the precision of the two pressures of flexo printing, the domestic flexographic machinery manufacturing industry has already had relevant technology, which has created the possibility that flexo printing may go to the camera industry. The operation method of the fool machine.

 The following focuses on the roller pillow structure and gear pitch circle control technology. The characteristic of the gear pitch control technology is that the pitch diameter of the transmission gear is equal to the diameter of the outer diameter of the plate roller. In fact, the padding and pressure regulation in production are all to ensure this. What needs to be explained here is that the pitch diameter of the gear is constant, and the outer diameter of the plate roller is variable. Why is the outer diameter of the plate roll variable? This is due to plate thickness error, double layer adhesive elastic layer accuracy error, and other factors affecting the roundness of the plate roll (such as the stencil). Label printing often encounters plate roll bounce caused by typesetting factors, causing ink bars and gear bars. But since the roll pillow technology was used on the flexo press, this defect was overcome. The offset printing plate is notched, but the offset printing plate does not jump because the offset printing plate cylinder and the blanket cylinder have a roller pillow (commonly known as the shoulder iron). Flexo borrows the roller pillows from the offset onto the plate rolls, so the quality accuracy of flexo printing has increased dramatically over the past few years. The function of the roller pillow is to control the outer circumference of the plate roller within the pitch circle. The roller pillow technology can simplify the control of the complex flexo two pressures into a "fool machine" in the camera.

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