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Flexographic Printing Trademark Printing Factory Discusses The Digital Management Of Flexographic Printing
Apr 28, 2018

Trademark printing plant label printing in the conversion from other printing methods to flexographic printing, professionals are often one of the bottlenecks, flexo captain's choice and the introduction of equipment is almost as important. However, in the companies where the application of flexo printing technology has matured, there is also a saying that the reliance on the captain of flexo printing is not as heavy as that of other printing methods. So for the flexo, is the captain important or not?

In fact, these two statements are correct. Flexopress pays attention to the setting of various parameters from the beginning of the prepress, as long as the parameter settings are common, the printing function of each batch of orders can be basically the same, which is very different from other printing methods depending on the captain experienced on-site conditioning. . For example: the determination of the number of anilox roller lines, the setting of plate separation parameters, and even how to position the magnetic die cutter, etc., are all digital to speak in the flexo printing process. Of course, the accuracy of these parameter settings is itself the performance of the captain.

The flexo printing standardization process is divided into four steps: First, regulate the platemaking parameters of the printing plate. This is the normal action before platemaking. According to different plate materials and platemaking modes, the linear compensation curve of the printing plate is made to ensure that the highlights can not be dropped. And dark tone does not paste version; the second is to regulate the hue of ink, YMCK field Lab value, etc.; third is to standardize the expansion of printing outlets; fourth is to do standardized verification.

Flexographic printing has been standardized and digitized to achieve standards for printing ink and printing dot extensions. It not only facilitates easy copying of offset printing, but also enables digital proofing.

The standardization of flexographic printing not only can improve the production efficiency of all aspects of printing, but also can effectively control the quality and reduce the cost, thus making the printing process data measurement and data monitoring, and realize the data production management. In short, today's label printing industry, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, has unprecedented unprecedented development, will inevitably need continuous innovation and development of flexo printing, the implementation of standardized standardized printing, improve production efficiency, save printing costs, improve Flexo and competitive.


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