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For The Environmental Protection Materials Of Flexible Packaging Companies
- Nov 09, 2018 -

Faced with increasingly severe environmental protection, flexible packaging companies have tried water-based environmental materials, and many companies have made some attempts in ink and composite film.

Ink is one of the key materials in the production of flexible packaging. From traditional benzene solvent inks to benzene-free ketone-free high-solid inks, to alcohol-soluble inks and water-based inks, the green performance of inks continues to increase. At present, non-toxic, low-toxic alcohol-soluble and water-based inks have formed a trend as a new type of environmentally friendly ink, but the application of water-based inks is still immature. In the field of gravure printing, combined with the application of recycling equipment, flexible packaging companies have begun to use a single solvent ink, the ink cost is about 12% higher than ordinary benzene-free ink, but with the promotion of single solvent ink, the cost of ink will decrease, and then The environmental cost of comprehensive solvent recycling will decrease, and the total printing cost will not change much or even decrease. At the same time, with the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the market share of flexographic products has begun to increase year by year. For example, the proportion of flexographic products in a large flexible packaging company in China has reached 20% to 30%, and gradually cooperates with customers. Recommended for concave and soft. At present, domestic flexible packaging enterprises, flexo printing inks are mainly alcohol soluble, some companies have tried water-based inks, but the water-based ink resin used has high modification cost, and the equipment efficiency is not used reasonably. .

In terms of film materials, the commonly used environmental protection methods are mainly reduction and degradation. The reduction is to reduce the number of layers or the total thickness, while the degradation includes both semi-degradation and complete biodegradation, but at present, whether it is semi-degradation or complete biodegradation, the application in composite soft-pack materials is not mature, and The cost is high, so the flexible packaging companies mainly consider the quality and quantity reduction. For example, the thickness of the PE film of the heat seal layer is reduced from 160 to 140 μm to 120 to 100 μm. However, if the thickness is reduced, the cost does not necessarily decrease, because after the reduction, in order to ensure the mechanical properties of the PE film, the PE particle formulation price will be higher, so the cost is basically the same. However, from the perspective of environmental protection, the application of materials has been reduced.

In addition, flexible packaging companies are also vigorously promoting solvent-free composite technology. In terms of composite processes, it can reduce production costs by 10% to 20%. However, from the perspective of composite film production process, the cost of composite processes is not large. The cost of the film has a greater impact on the overall cost. As a result, the cost reduction caused by the solventless compounding process is about 1% to 2%.

In general, the implementation of environmental protection upgrades for flexible packaging materials, environmentally friendly inks for solvent recovery, solvent-free adhesives, and environmentally-friendly measures for thin film materials have little impact on the overall cost of flexible packaging companies. However, starting from the company's sense of social responsibility, the use of environmentally friendly materials is not considered from the perspective of cost reduction, but only hopes to contribute to the country's environmental protection cause. Moreover, in the long run, environmentally friendly materials are in line with social and national development strategies. The state also has some policy subsidies and corresponding tax reduction policies, and the use of environmentally friendly materials can improve the quality of our products and better meet customer requirements. The overall cost is declining.

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