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Four Control Elements For Printed Matter
Jun 08, 2018

Print quality refers to the comprehensive effect of various appearance characteristics of small gift boxes. From the perspective of replication technology, printing quality should be "to the original faithfully" as the standard, whether the traditional printing process or in the digital process, in order to realize the faithful to the original copy to print. There are four control factors for printed matter: color, level, clarity and consistency.
Color is the basis of product quality, which directly determines the quality of products. Color control or management has always been the focus and technical key of the research and analysis of printing professionals.
2. Level refers to the gradation, which refers to the change of recognizable color intensity and gradation. It is the basis of accurate color reproduction.
3. Definition refers to the clarity of image details, including 3 aspects, the clarity of image details, the clarity of image contour edges and the clarity of image details.
4. Consistency is uniformity, which includes two aspects. On the one hand, refers to the same batch of prints is different at different positions of the consistent degree of ink, ink area print is commonly used in the longitudinal and transverse field density measured by the degree of agreement, it reflects the print different parts of the stability of the printed in the same time. On the other hand, it refers to the consistency of the density of different batches of prints in the same place, which reflects the stability of the printing press.
For decorative gift boxes with LIDS printed matter, as long as the good control of these four aspects, namely, the color of the print, hierarchy, clarity, consistency, can control very well, you can get high quality print.
Printing quality control is one of the ways to make use of the conventional signal, test, control bars, wedge, testing instruments and charts, for printing quality (including the printing quality and printing engineering quality) for scientific quantitative control. At present, many kinds of signal bars and test bars are used in various countries, such as the GATF system in the United States, bruner system in Switzerland, and voegella system in Germany, to pass the lingda system, etc. In China, the signal and test strips of GATF and brunel are mostly adopted.
Common detection tools used in color box for bottle printing include signal bars, test bars, control bars, and ladder gauges. The signal bar is mainly used for visual evaluation. Its function is relatively simple, and it can only express the appearance and quality information of printed matter. Such as sun exposure scale, GATF code signal bar, color signal bar, etc. The test strip is a multi-function mark element mainly used for densitometer detection and evaluation, which combines visual identification with densitometer test, and carries out numerical calculation with charts and curves. Control bar is a multifunctional control tool that combines visual evaluation and test evaluation of signal bar and test bar. Like bruner's third generation control strip. A ladder scale with an equal density or dot for controlling the quality of printing and printing.

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