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From The Print Shop To The Industry Leader. Demystifying The Development Of Kaiyuan Century, Guo Zhiqiang Said The Following Two Points
- May 28, 2018 -

Photo printing business occupies 70% of the country's online share; photo books account for 40% of the country's online share; 2 million copies of personal photos are printed every day, and more than 500 million copies are processed each year; serving more than 1 million small and micro enterprises and more than 10 million individuals Users; Revenue for more than 100% growth for many years.

For the third consecutive year in 2016-2018, it was ranked first in China's printing e-commerce business; it was named China's C2B new manufacturing benchmarking company by Alibaba.

On March 9, 2018, the first new retail experience shop in the domestic printing industry was set up, and the “ten million” plan was disclosed to the public, which sounded the clarion call for new retail.

The above is the tip of the iceberg of many bright achievements of Shandong Kaiyuan E-commerce Co., Ltd.

From the development of a print shop to the leader in today's industry, the development of Century Kaiyuan is remarkable for ten years. This is inseparable from the management wisdom of Chairman Guo Zhiqiang and many of Kaiyuan's people. Below, Guo Zhiqiang will take us with him and formally launch the "Self Secret Tour."

Century New Century is still recruiting in the printing industry. I often say that we seem to have made some small achievements in these years, but in fact, every time we choose and adjust, we are playing a game between “0” and “1.” If we choose "1", we may grow rapidly; when we encounter "0", we may disappear completely.

Practice, "change" and "invariable"

Looking back at the path Kaiyuan spent in the century, there is one word that is very important: it is “down to earth.” Although the Internet is fast and it needs to grow at an exponential rate, I really appreciate Zeng’s view of “stuck hard and stay in a bad mood”. We must make a good fence and do a good job in product service. For Century New Century, it is to provide more products, more choices, higher timeliness, and better services.

Another point is that what we are doing now is actually a matter of continuous iteration and thinking over the past decade. A great company must have great goals. If the vision is only in the short term and only in the present, it is very difficult for the company to make great progress.

Therefore, in 2017, Century Kaiyuan made a comprehensive proposal to “see the year as a year”. Of course, depending on the sector, it may not be so clear to see the entire decade. However, in the course of progress, it is still necessary to revisit our beacons, missions and visions from time to time, and not to deviate from the direction. Specifically, I asked the technical department to "see five years for one year" and the marketing department "see three years for one year." It does not mean that we have to do something after three years. We do not need to think about it or do not need to do it this year. Instead, we must say something that needs to be done after three years and we must begin to take action this year.

For ten years, we have always stressed that "the only constant is change." At the 2017 China E-Commerce E-Commerce Annual Conference, I said, “Always call a person who sleeps.” This is actually reminding us that the needs of users are constantly changing. You should not pretend to be invisible but take the initiative to Discover, help users understand, and even create new needs. This requires that from the product, marketing, and customer service can provide high-quality solutions, is a combination of all-round point.

The “change” here means, precisely, the development above the height of the original business. It is the initiative to increase the ceiling of the company’s development and expand the market space. This is a philosophy that embraces change. Century New Century English is Century Innovation, Kaiyuan is innovation, innovation is change.

Of course, at the same time, we must also know what we ourselves must not change. Because it is meaningful to embrace change.

Specifically, there may be many changes in product extensions, but the concept of customer base and service customers will not be shaken. In the early years, we proposed that "the three 100% will remain unchanged" - 100% will be online, 100% will be an end user, and 100% will be a small customer; but in 2014, we have 100% denied this idea and turned to "online and offline integration." In addition to the combination of Amoy Amoy, individual customers and corporate customers, small batches and mid-to-volume customers, we have expanded our business in all directions. However, some of the core things - not making big customers, not making large orders, and committing to small customers and small-batch orders - are still sticking.

I think this is actually the core of "new retail." New retail is to return to the nature of business, whether it is online or offline, the most important thing is to help customers solve problems. In the process, we also hope to continue to enrich our products and applications through the grasp of new trends and new trends. Century Kaiyuan's IT team is actively trying to develop some artificial intelligence, VR projects, our smart customer service has a very good application, we also encourage employees to do more in the cultural and creative development. I believe that these changes will surprise the company and hope to cooperate with more like-minded partners.

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