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Full HD Flexo The Best Balance Of Dome And Flat Tops
Jan 11, 2019

With the advent of flat-top outlets, the industry began to discuss the advantages of dome outlets and flat-top outlets. In fact, from the perspective of a large number of printing tests and production practices, the two dot-making technologies have different printing effects, and their advantages and disadvantages depend to a large extent on the application of these two outlets in the printing process. In order to integrate these two technologies, the full HD flexo printing technology came into being. It uses the second-generation online main exposure technology to make the dome and flat top dots perfectly reproduced on the same plate.

The implementation of full HD flexo technology is mainly through the integration of second-generation online exposure technology and high-definition dot technology on CDI. Among them, the second generation of online exposure technology has greatly overcome the main shortcomings of traditional flat-type main exposure, such as individual differences in lamps, energy attenuation differences and heat differences, because 80% instability in the plate making process comes from these Disadvantages, while the second-generation online main exposure technology uses a digitally controllable cold light source to ensure that all areas of the plate receive UV light of the same energy, thereby achieving complete photopolymerization, further ensuring the quality of the plate and reliability.

With Full HD flexo technology, we are able to achieve smoother transitions and fade-to-zero dot area ratios, more stable highlight printing, perfect image detail without skipping, gravure-like field effects, uniform white ink printing, etc. A wider color gamut and an extended tone.

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