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Green E-commerce Packaging Guangzhou Printing Gift Packaging Focuses On Green E-commerce Packaging
May 08, 2018

In recent years, the government has continued to promote green courier packaging. In fact, promoting green packaging is a very complicated system project. Relevant parties exert their subjective initiative and form systems and mechanisms for government guidance, corporate self-discipline, and social participation. From a business perspective, packaging trends can be divided into three directions: recyclable packaging, reduced packaging, and degradable packaging.


1, recyclable packaging

Although there are shared express boxes on the market today, they are not universal, and there must be a comprehensive recycling mechanism, and sharing of express boxes using plastics costs more than corrugated boxes. In the case that the plastic sharing express box is not popular, Guangzhou Printing Factory can help users to use the combination of the carton structure and special adhesive tape to make the corrugated cardboard box reused more than three times in the absence of tools. Even if you don't recycle your e-commerce business, but you stay in the hands of the end-user, you can still use it many times.


2, reduce the packaging

There are many kinds of packaging consumables. Only the packaging of goods is divided into inner packaging and outer packaging. There are different types of packaging, such as the main packaging, buffer packaging, express delivery and so on. Inner packaging is usually the most important part of e-commerce companies, and outsourced e-commerce companies usually do not pay much attention. In fact, the packaging of inner and outer packaging is interlocked. Usually the inner packaging is well designed and the outer packaging can be saved. From the perspective of the packaging design, how to save the packaging supplies is also a question of the university. Outer package consumables mainly include cartons, tapes, and cushioning materials.


To give a simple example, a customer's original organic cleaning product brand uses a number of buffered bubble columns (bubble columns are usually made of plastic) on the outer package to protect organic cleaning products. Guangzhou Printing Factory uses cardboard box structure and cardboard hole-digging design to fix organic cleaning products. Compared with the bubble column, the cardboard is more environmentally friendly and less space-consuming. In addition, the double-sided adhesive developed by the Guangzhou printing factory can reduce the amount of two kinds of packaging consumables from the perspective of packaging reduction.


3, degradable packaging

Of the biodegradable packaging materials, biodegradable materials are the most effective ones. The current general view is that the price of biodegradable materials is still high. This is true, but behind this fact is an unfair price comparison method. Because of the pollution of the environment, there is no cost to the environment. This part of the cost is paid by each consumer at a higher cost of health and environmental pollution. If this part of the cost is added to materials that pollute the environment, biodegradable materials are not only the most effective and easiest way to solve environmental pollution, but also will be the most economical method. Moreover, under the government-level adjustment and guidance, those materials that pollute the environment will soon bear the environmental costs that they had to bear. For companies that are interested in using biodegradable materials, there is also a need for positive guidance. This will also accelerate the wider and deeper application of biodegradable materials in the packaging industry.


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