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Green Express Package Express Package Equipment Is Concerned By The Two Sessions Green Becomes The Key Word Of Guangzhou Printing Factory
Apr 28, 2018

"Accelerate the promotion of green packaging applications, achieve sustainable development", "promote the introduction of national compulsory standards, accelerate the use of green packaging in the entire industry," "fiscal funds promote the greenization of express delivery packaging," ... as the courier has become an indispensable part of people's lives. As part of the ongoing two sessions, how courier packaging has become "greener" has become a hot topic on behalf of committee members.

For the first time, he was elected as a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Ma Xulin, Director of the General Service Department of the State Post Bureau, is also very concerned about express packaging. He believes that although the express green packaging has attracted attention, it is still in its infancy and still faces some challenges.

Commissioner Ma Xulin put forward two proposals in the Proposal on Promoting E-commerce Express Packaging Management: First, to further promote the use of green packaging and eco-packaging by e-commerce companies, and suggested that relevant departments take the lead in formulating and implementing e-commerce green packaging and reduction packaging standards. The second is the proper subsidy for e-commerce and express delivery companies that use e-commerce packages.

At the previous briefing on the guidelines of the State Council, Ma Junsheng, the director of the State Post Bureau, pointed out that China's express delivery has now reached 40 billion pieces per year, and is still increasing at a rate of about 10 billion per year. Faced with the many courier packages that come with it, Ma Junsheng said that this is a problem that must be faced in the express delivery process.

In order to deal with express packaging problems, e-commerce channels and the logistics industry are also actively exploring. In 2016, Cainiao teamed up with more than 30 logistics partners and initiated the joint environmental protection plan with the largest plan of the entire profession. Through green packaging, green intelligence, green distribution, and green recovery, four detailed actions were taken to promote the green development of the logistics industry.

Rookie first introduced biodegradable courier bags and tape-free carton boxes in the industry. The first introduced “green parcels” into the logistics industry. Rookie’s promotion of biodegradable green packaging promotion plans was also written into national standards; the green recall action was widely adopted by the whole society. Involved in the recycling of tens of millions of used cartons. In terms of green intelligence, smart packaging algorithms can accurately reduce the use of packaging materials by 15%. In addition, the logistics cost saved by tens of thousands of new rookie new energy vehicles will reach 10 billion yuan each year.

Driven by the rookie, in 2017, the entire industry reduced the carbon emissions by 136,000 tons through the implementation of environmental protection measures such as electronic bills, green parcels, and new energy smart vehicles, which is equivalent to saving 7.6 million green trees.

A few days ago, AQSIQ and the National Standards Commission issued a newly revised national standard for express delivery packaging products. The biggest highlight of this revision is to incorporate green into new standards and promote the use of biodegradable express packages to reduce environmental pollution.

“The rookie green package usage has exceeded 20 million, and the rookie will continue to respond to the government's call to vigorously promote the popularity of green packaging.” Niujie Jing, head of the rookie green operation, said that in 2018 the rookie green alliance plans to invest 10 million yuan, from the logistics and packaging Lightweight, recycling, innovative alternatives and other areas to start, accelerate the iterative upgrade of green packaging.

Guangzhou Printing Factory's implementation of green printing not only protected the environment and safeguarded the health of employees and consumers, but also saved resources, reduced costs, saved costs, increased brand, and increased revenue. Especially for export-oriented printing companies, green printing has become a passport for obtaining orders from overseas customers.


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