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Green Printing Protection KBA CORTINA Waterless Rotary Press High Quality Green Printing Protection
- May 28, 2018 -

At present, waterless offset printing technology has matured. Controllable processes can not only meet higher quality requirements, but also make waterless offset printing enjoy a high reputation in the green technology field. The success of the KBA CORTINA waterless rotary printing press is the best example. Since it was first introduced at Drupa 2000, it has become increasingly popular due to the following advantages.

1. More environmentally friendly plate production

In the production of waterless versions, less chemicals are consumed, and chemical-free thermal plates are used, making the process more environmentally friendly.

2. Less harmful to health and environment

The waterless offset process does not require the use of any fountain solution. In traditional water offset processes, isopropyl alcohol is added to the fountain solution to increase process stability. Isopropanol is a volatile organic compound that not only harms the health of printing workers, but also has a high flammability due to its low ignition point, and it also causes damage to the atmospheric ozone layer.

3. No need to invest fountain solution supply equipment and wastewater treatment costs

The absence of fountain solution means that the waterless offset process does not have to pay for the fountain solution supply. For traditional water offset printing, the cost increases with the consumption of tap water and chemicals, if you count the cost of treating wastewater. The cost will increase.

4. Reduce paper consumption

Because there is no participation of water, waterless offset printing process does not need to consider the ink and water balance, can quickly produce high quality products and reduce boot waste. Users of waterless offset technology claim to reduce 40% to 50% of boot waste.

5. More environmentally friendly cleaning agent

Compared to water-based offset printing, waterless offset cleaners consume less, because they only need to clean the oily material on the surface of the roller and roller, while traditional water offset printing requires cleaning of oil-water mixed emulsions that are difficult to remove. This further shows that the shorter ink path design made up of fewer ink rollers (as used by KBA CORTINA) is the most cost-effective of all ink supply mechanisms due to its lower ink remnants. In the case of waterless inks, there is no need for special cleaning agents. The printing operator can use any cleaning agent recommended by the manufacturer for aerobic drying.

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