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Green Printing Shenzhen Printing Factory Talks About Green Printing
- Apr 24, 2018 -

Shenzhen Printing Factory Talks about Green Printing

         The theme of green printing includes two core connotations of “environmentally friendly” and “healthy and beneficial”, emphasizing the consideration of contemporary people while taking into account the survival and development of the next generation. The recent interests of the company are combined with the long-term interests of the country. The environmental benefits and economic benefits are integrated to achieve the goal of achieving a win-win situation between the environmental protection industry and the market economy.


         Green printing not only expresses the concept of sustainable development, people-oriented, and advanced technology, but also is an important means to complete energy-saving emission reduction and low-carbon economy. The green printing industry chain of Shenzhen Printing Factory mainly includes green printing materials, graphic design of printing, green plate making technology, green printing technology, green post-printing processing technology, environment-friendly printing equipment, and waste printing material recycling and recycling.


         Through the implementation of green printing, the entire supply chain system including printed materials, processing, application and consumption can be brought into a virtuous circle.

Green printing refers to the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes, which produce less pollution, save resources and energy in the printing process, are easy to recycle after recycling, can be naturally degraded, and have little impact on the ecological environment.

         Green printing requires coordination with the environment, including the use of environmentally friendly printing materials, clean printing production processes, the safety of prints to users, and the recycling and recyclability of printed materials, that is, the entire life of prints from the selection, production, use, and recycling of raw materials. Cycles should meet environmental requirements.

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