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Green Printing Shenzhen Printing - Many Parties Join Hands To Promote The Healthy Development Of Green Printing
- Apr 20, 2018 -

At present, Shenzhen Printing Green Printing has achieved wide consensus among printing companies. The number of companies that have passed the green printing certification has been growing at an accelerating rate. Primary and secondary school textbooks nationwide have successfully achieved full coverage of green printing, and the quality inspection system for green printing products has also begun. With scale. In the future, we must do the following to further promote the healthy and orderly development of green printing.

First, maintain the sustained stability of the national strategy for promoting green printing. In a short period of four or five years, the green printing has been pushed from the pilot phase to the stage of deepening expansion, and the focus of work has been pushed from propaganda concepts and production standards to the stage of providing products and consolidating results. However, in the actual work, we also encountered some printing companies that have concerns about the sustainability of the green printing strategy, lack of confidence in the direction of advancement and development prospects, and even issues of hesitation on the green printing investment. Therefore, it is very important to further strengthen the confidence of the entire industry in promoting green printing.

Second, governments, associations and enterprises must work together to promote green printing. Government management departments and related association organizations are sponsors and advocates of green printing strategies. Printing companies are the main players in the market for implementing green printing. Promoting green printing is the common responsibility of all parties concerned.

Third, the whole industry chain should work together to promote green printing. The introduction of more green printing products, so that the majority of consumers can understand the benefits of green printing, is an intuitive standard to measure whether the promotion of green printing work really fall into place and the end.

Fourth, we must scientifically do a good job in the quality inspection of green printing. To ensure product quality is to promote the soul and life of green printing. Responsibility for good products is not only responsible for consumers, but also the basic need for promoting green printing. The General Administration of Publications Testing Center plays a functional role in scientifically coordinating the work of green printing and quality inspection. It has identified a number of sub-centers across the country, and has divided its troops into specific responsibility for the supervision and testing of the quality of green printing products throughout the country. The effective functioning of functions.

Q: How to expand the richness of promoting green printing?

A: It is necessary to build a relatively complete standard system as soon as possible, incorporate new digital printing and printing industries into the scope of green printing as soon as possible, gradually make the green printing standard full coverage of product technology, and constantly enrich the connotation of green printing. At the same time, in advancing the guidance of the work, it is necessary to combine the long-term planning with the annual plan, clarify the work priorities and main objectives at each stage, so that the promotion of work is always oriented and focused year after year.

Q: How to increase the gold content of green printing?

A: To further enhance the functionality of the green printing qualification. To explore the attributes of green printing certification from product certification to corporate certification, to promote green printing certification and clean production audit to achieve full or partial mutual recognition, coordinate relevant departments to increase the green printing qualifications in the tender procurement points, thereby improving the green printing The amount of gold.

Q: How to maintain the quality mark of green printing products on the market?

A: The Beijing Bureau has also issued a "Circular on Strengthening the Quality Management of Green Printing Products." It has clarified the "one-vote veto system" for the quality of green printing, effectively holding the quality mark of green printing products on the Beijing market. In the promotion of green printing, we must always firmly adhere to the principle of “Quality First”, and we must continue to deepen the quality inspection of green printing, promote the retrospection from product quality inspection to quality management, and promote the green chain of the entire industry chain. Overall improvement of quality.

Q: What are the bottlenecks that affect the promotion of green printing?

A: On the one hand, promoting green printing products depends on the up-and-down linkage of the publishing industry chain. In the printing sector, with the promotion of green printing, the participation and support of publishing and distribution are even more crucial. On the other hand, promotion of green printing depends on the up-and-down linkage of the printing industry chain. The printing business process of most companies is actually the process of processing materials. The quality of raw and auxiliary materials and equipment and equipment is directly related to the quality of green printing products. Therefore, the promotion of green printing in Shenzhen should drive the raw and auxiliary materials of the printing industry chain. And the equipment process and other aspects, to achieve the linkage between the upper and lower, synchronous advance.


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