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Guangzhou Digital Printing Market Area Scan
Dec 07, 2018

Known as the “Millennium Merchants”, Guangzhou has been one of the most important commercial centers in China since ancient times. With its geographical advantage connecting the middle section of the Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macau Corridor and the central point of the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou has many commercial outlets, complete industries and radiation surfaces. Broad, informational, and smooth distribution channels. With an active export-oriented economy, a sound economic development environment, strong market demand and strong industrial support capabilities, Guangzhou Printing Industry has taken the lead in the rapid rise of the country, both in terms of technology application level and market size. As the leader of traditional printing in the country, Guangzhou is inevitably driven by the digital printing industry.

Different from the experience of visiting in other regions, in the process of visiting Guangzhou, we rarely heard the argument that “the economic environment is poor and the business operation is difficult”. On the contrary, many enterprises have positive and optimistic attitude towards the future development of digital printing. The current market is still full of expectations. A business operator revealed that “although the price of the digital printing market is declining, the market demand is rising, so digital printing is still promising.” According to another business operator, “the printing volume of Guangzhou digital printing is other. 2 to 3 times that of the provincial capital.” Half of the sea, half of the flame, in the state of crisis and opportunity coexistence, Guangzhou digital printers are more hopeful, to explore a business model suitable for the current market environment.

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