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Guangzhou Printing Factory Creative Packaging Concept Will Enhance Your Products
Jan 24, 2019

If you want to come up with ideas for creative packaging for the holidays, then the time will be exhausted and the design will be perfect. With high-end print services, the possibilities are almost limitless, so there is no reason to let this opportunity pass you. Whether you package your product in a printed mailbox, basic carton, lamination box, die-cut box or any type of retail box, you have the opportunity to build a personal experience with your customers. Open a box with highly anticipated items, and if you add a little thought to the package, it will be an unforgettable moment.

Printing box - color box printing factory packaging

If you are looking for some last minute holiday inspiration, here are some ideas:

Mailer with greeting

If you do business online and send mail parcels to customers in a printed mailing box, you can even greet the customer with a special holiday before opening the box. The information does not have to be long, and the decoration does not have to be too complicated. During the winter holidays, holly, falling snow, candy stripes, Christmas lights or twinkling stars can go a long way. Letting your customers know that the cheers you bring to them during the holiday season is a great way to appreciate them and get them back more.

Simulated gift wrap

One of the most innovative ways of carton printing house holiday packaging products is to mimic the packaging experience of the gift in the box. Even if your product is not the kind of gift that people give, you can make the packaging experience more enjoyable by reminding consumers of the feeling of opening a gift from a loved one. You can even convince customers to come back and look for more things - to lure them to order more products as gifts for their friends and family.


Showcase your product


If you are offering a special product with a holiday theme or selling a screaming "holiday", consider using a die-cut box to display the product, showing a view of the product through an open window or using clear plastic. Either let the product speak for itself, or decorate the cardboard portion of the box with simple decorations and holiday colors such as red and green, blue and silver or glittering gold. Opening a beautiful package at any time of the year is fun, and it's even more exciting during the holidays.

Festive packaging on the holiday season

There are also many more affordable creative packaging ideas. If you can only buy monochrome prints, choose red or green. If you can add a basic design to your packaging this season, choose something that feels like a holiday. Don't want to confuse the brand image by changing the color or image on the box? Printing a simple postcard-sized holiday note before shipping to slip in the package is another way to spread some goodwill and cheers.


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