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Heidelberg And Ricoh Digital Join Forces To Shine
May 28, 2018

On May 27th, the "Signing Ceremony for Strategic Cooperation of Heidelberg and Ricoh" was held in Shanghai. Heidelberg China and Ricoh (China) Investment Co., Ltd. announced their formal entry into the Chinese digital printing market. As the leader in their respective fields, Heidelberg has a good brand image and sales channels in the traditional printing field. Ricoh has advanced digital printing technology and hardware and software products. Both parties are "strongly forging ahead together" and are committed to providing Chinese customers with "offset printing + Digital" hybrid printing solution. It is reported that after the strategic cooperation is launched, Heidelberg will begin to provide its Chinese customers with three Ricoh digital printing systems: Linoprint C651EX, Linoprint C751 and Linoprint C901. The speeds will be 65 sheets per minute, 75 sheets and 90 sheets per minute, respectively. It can fully meet the actual production needs of the current domestic traditional printing companies.

As early as February 2011, Heidelberg and Ricoh Group have announced the establishment of a global strategic partnership. The two parties first carried out cooperation and promotion from Europe, the United States and other places. The cooperation has achieved remarkable results so far and the scope of cooperation has gradually expanded to the Asia-Pacific region. The rapid development of China’s current digital printing industry has also strengthened the confidence of both parties in jointly entering the Chinese digital printing market.

Huang Lianguang, CEO of Heidelberg China, said in his speech: “With the changes in the market, traditional printing is constantly changing, and the demand for personalized printing is gradually being mentioned by more people. Heidelberg continuously adjusts its strategic direction, hoping to It provides the most suitable solution for the development and transformation of customers.Offset printing and digital printing are not mutually exclusive, and the combination of the two can better complement and improve the business structure of India and China, and Heidelberg and Ricoh, which have a three-year relationship, have become close together. Strategic Partners."

Nowadays, more and more printing companies are responding to the ever-changing market demand through digital printing. The general manager of Ricoh (China) Mr. Mai Yongcheng stated: “Combining traditional offset printing and digital printing is actually a combination of efficiency, quality and flexibility. , to better serve the printing industry. This cooperation also makes Ricoh further understand the needs of China's traditional printing customers, prompting us to be more mature, more professional and more comprehensive direction in the traditional printing field."

Q: How does the cooperation of Heidelberg and Ricoh help each other in their respective efforts to develop China's digital printing market?

Huang Lianguang: Heidelberg's entry into the field of digital printing is mainly based on customer needs. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for short-run printing and personalized printing in the printing market. At the same time, the required lead-time has been getting shorter and shorter, while the price of work orders has dropped, and printing companies have also faced pressure for survival. The combination of traditional offset printing and digital printing is actually a combination of efficiency, quality, flexibility and speed, so that the problems encountered by printing companies can be solved. Heidelberg never thinks that traditional printing and digital printing are a contradiction. The two should be complementary and perfect. Only by combining traditional offset printing and digital printing can we provide our customers with suitable and flexible solutions. How much of the customer's print, or personalized printing can be easily completed, the customer's success is our success.

Mai Yongcheng: Just as Huang Lianguang said, “Combining traditional offset printing and digital printing is actually a combination of efficiency, quality, flexibility, and speed to better serve printing companies.” On the other hand, I also believe that this cooperation There is no doubt that Ricoh has injected new vitality into China's digital printing business. Ricoh is not only a hardware service provider for equipment suppliers and users in Heidelberg. Through the cooperation with Heidelberg, Ricoh also made a deeper understanding of China's traditional offset printing customers, prompting us to become more mature and more sophisticated in the traditional printing industry. Professional and more comprehensive development. In order to launch more competitive applications and software and hardware products that are more in line with the needs of the Chinese printing market in the Chinese market, Ricoh has expanded its service model that is more suitable for the traditional printing industry.

Q: In the cooperation in China's inland regions, where can the two sides, as leading companies in their respective fields, achieve complementary and strong strategic cooperation results?

Matsuzaki Hiroshi: Both Ricoh and Heidelberg hope to help their customers achieve long-term profitability through value-added products. Both are customer-centric, focusing on environmental protection, innovation, and emphasis on quality and customer service. Ricoh has been a leader in the research and development of various core technologies for many years. In particular, Ricoh's excellent toner imaging technology can provide customers with image quality that is closest to offset printing and maintains the consistency of color. Ricoh’s leading digital printing equipment can provide flexible production tools for commercial printers to meet the short-run printing needs of customers and help customers expand their business in variable data printing and personalized printing services.

Xia Jing: Ricoh is a leader in a variety of core digital technologies. In particular, Ricoh's excellent toner imaging technology can provide customers with image quality that is closest to offset printing. Heidelberg also has strong offset printing technology and experience, perfect printing and communication procedures, and Heidelberg color management solutions accumulated over many years. Combining the advantages of both parties can be said to be a powerful combination to bring maximum benefits to customers. With the efficiency and quality of Heidelberg's traditional offset printing, coupled with the flexibility and convenience of digital printing, our customers can make their own print products more complete, and adapt to different business models, even in some new areas.

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