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High-quality Film And Cardboard Flexo Are Ready To Go
Jan 11, 2019

The environmentally friendly and low-cost features of flexo printing are the most powerful weapon in traditional printing against digital printing, but this is a time node. Therefore, I feel that this time period is the best time for us to promote our products in the flexo printing industry. Because digital printing can't solve the high cost of consumables at present, its nozzle can't be localized, and its consumables can't be realized. Low cost, in this state is a good time for flexo leap. Moreover, the quality of the current domestic full-servo wide-format flexo press has been able to take on this task, and the pre-press technology is also becoming more and more perfect, such as the square-circle network technology in the dark-adjusted area, the chain-shaped dot-point technology in the critical area, and the hybrid network in the high-light area. Technology, field screening technology, etc., there are many difficult problems in the printing process, you can use the plate-making software for pre-compensation to prevent.

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