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How Does Shenzhen Printing Start To Innovate Your Product Packaging?
Jan 24, 2019

The ability to propose innovative product packaging ideas now can lead to or disrupt a business. The way you package your product largely influences people's first impressions of your company and ultimately the number of products you sell. You can have the most useful and quality products in the world, but if it's not packaged in an attractive and creative container, customers are likely to notice it. If you want to create a positive brand image and attract more customers to join your product, you need to come up with an innovative packaging concept that will make your products stand out from the crowd. Here are the tasks that Shenzhen Printing Factory tells you may need to accomplish:


Dual-use packaging

Customers like packaging for multiple purposes. Think outside the box - pun intended - see what creative bonuses you can give your end users. For example, a popcorn maker designed an origami bag that was folded into a bowl. Similarly, a winemaker designed an outer package that could be opened into two glasses, and a company could make a butter-coated package, one of which could be a knife to apply butter.

Minimal design

Many companies are taking different routes and choosing to stick to a more minimal approach, which is different from typical customer eyeball attempts. With bright colors and other techniques, you can do a lot with clean lines, shadows, bold text, basic colors and simple retouching. This method of box printing can help your product stand out from the crowd and become the most elegant, elegant and pure product.


Another benefit of this technique is that while you may be paying for the design aspect of the package, once you develop the design, your actual cost per package may be lower than the traditional big box that may need to perform more material. Design elements can be used simply and repeatedly.


There are many ways in which carton printer packaging can be packaged around themes. An organic winemaker wraps his own bottle in organic paper, depicting the vines from the leaves to the wines produced during each natural growth phase. Or there is an orange juice company that makes orange juice boxes that can be fused into a fruit-like sphere. Smart marketing and packaging can make all the difference.


These are just a few of the directions you can take. With so many innovative product packaging possibilities, you shouldn't go back to simple brown boxes.

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