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How Overcome The Problem Of Screen Printing How Does Shenzhen Printing Overcome The Problem Of Working In Screen Printing?
- May 25, 2018 -

Sometimes screen printing will leave you with some challenges, let you guess, how do you overcome this particularly difficult job? Carefully documenting the lessons you learned during your screen printing career can help you clear these obstacles. Put your screen printing experience to good use.

      Recently at a printing screen printing forum in Shenzhen, someone asked how best to print a multicolor job. There were several responses. Each reply acknowledged the value of other methods, but provided some unique suggestions on how the press handled the work. The value is that each of these presses has its own instincts, reviews previous similar situations, and applies these conditions they learned to these presses.

      As a screen printer, following their needs is only for your benefit, not just to help others, but to help yourself. It is crucial for the development of each Shenzhen printing company to record what is effective and what does not work. Whether you are a one-man business or a large company with multiple employees and machines, the importance of documenting what you learn and keeping pace with the industry will not be overstated.

Record the correct information

Have you heard the following in many Shenzhen printing companies?

"We're not just printing this job? Or are we only printing this job?"

Always wanted to say to myself:

"Someone knows how we did it??"

Almost you will spend too much time trying to remember how you deal with a similar past work - it may take a lot of print time!

If you carefully document the details of today's printing, you can make your life easier in the future when similar jobs occur. Important details to document include:

1, the customer's name

2. Order and completion date of the order

3, printing type and color

4, what kind of printing press to use

5, the number of colors

6, printing production order

7, ink brand and color

8. The number of screen meshes used in printing

9, the angle and speed of the scraper and the seesaw

10. Number of printed strokes used

11, flash curing settings

12, conveyor dryer settings

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