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How To Better Solve User Needs How To Better Solve User Needs In The New Retail Era? Yunchuangku Is Doing This
- May 28, 2018 -

After more than a year of hard work and experimentation, I think it has not yet formed a complete system. I have been thinking, what exactly is a business model? In my opinion, it is probably just a trap.

The most important issue for companies is how to make you feel more comfortable. Many entrepreneurial friends talk about their feelings, talk about the future, talk about themselves, but Yunchuang Boxou is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a listed company. We also need to talk about how to achieve Values and benefits.

In the opinion of many people, we do not have any counterparts in the printing and packaging industry to learn from. In fact, we have always been thinking, in the end who can become our reference? Finally, we found that all this can only rely on ourselves.

New retail demand for the industry

Today we talk about “new retail needs new packaging”. Because of the company’s business relationship, many of our services are faced with new retail enterprises. In the process of service, we are constantly learning and adapting to these new retail enterprises. The needs and ideas. In order to solve the new needs of many companies, we have always tried to do innovation.

Recently, many media outlets are also talking about new retail sales. It is believed that many people have experienced malls such as “Box Horse Fresh Life” and “Future Supermarket” – combining traditional shopping malls, catering, and online and offline payments. The essential question in these innovations is who is the business for? What kind of value does it create? Can it bring more convenience to the user?

For the packaging industry, there is a big difference between the new retail and the ones we have used. We have no cases to learn from. We can only adapt to the new needs of our customers. In the past, our business only needed to deliver goods to ensure that our services were in place. New retailers needed us to understand why traditional retailers were replaced by new technologies, how to shorten users’ spending time, make purchases more convenient, and make payments more enjoyable. .

Four requirements for new retail packaging

Why do I need to say such a figure (see the figure below)? The new packaging business that we launched is really related to how to unify inventory management issues - how to manufacture precisely, how to provide more convenient conditions for member interaction, and how Complete online services? In fact, packaging here is equivalent to a larger carrier.

There are still some changes that make people more collapsing in the new retail, that is, changes from people to items, changes in scenes, and changes in values. From the traditional single-traffic products in the past, to provide better services for users now, this involves the problem of scenarios.

Under what kind of scenario, you will go to "self-net" to customize a sweater; in what kind of scenario, you must customize a gift for someone. These are not simply to meet a basic function, it has other added value in it. We have four requirements for the production of new retail packaging.

1 functional packaging requirements:

Packaging to meet the needs of online and offline synchronization of sales, such as environmental degradation, logistics, loss prevention, preservation, customization and other functions. At the same time, the new retail promotion in various industries will also generate more functional requirements.

2 precision manufacturing requirements:

Last year, Ma Yun told the branch of the Logistician Logistics that all companies were almost completely killed by large amounts of inventory. How to connect manufacturing, logistics, and demand through the network is a problem we are facing. Unify inventory and logistics, put on-demand production and manufacturing, precise docking, and packaging will also be integrated into the large manufacturing ecosystem. This requires a packaging management system that integrates with the upstream and downstream systems.

3 packaging smart link:

Accurate manufacturing is obviously very critical in the new retail era. That is to say, in the state of smart packaging, how should you adapt to the needs of customers, through online and offline integration, member management, social interaction and real-time demand for inventory data? Requires packaging to take on more intelligent links, and to make static packaging a "dynamic" packaging.

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