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How To Buy Good Fruit Shenzhen Printing On How To Buy Good Quality Packaged Fruit
May 16, 2018

     Before we talk about fruit packaging, let's talk about how fruit should be eaten. How do we eat healthy? Shenzhen printing belt below to find out.

     As the saying goes, eating more fruits is good for good health. Fruits can be eaten as a meal. Many women think that eating light fruits for dinner can lose weight, and the role of beauty and health can serve two purposes. Blindly eating fruit, in fact, this method of eating is wrong. Over time, it can cause chapped hair, lack of luster in the skin, and problems such as frequent colds, anemia, and lack of zinc. Eating light fruits for dinner does not allow the body to absorb enough nutrients, because not every fruit contains or does not have nutrients. The fruit's moisture accounted for 80%, and glucose, fructose, sucrose-based sugar accounted for 10%. Therefore, fruits can not be eaten as a meal, should be based on meals, supplemented by fruits.

So fruit, the fruit necessary for life, today, many agricultural fruits have embarked on the road of gift packaging. What we have seen before is the simple packaging of plastic bags in general street markets. With the progress of society, people’s Life is getting better and better, we have a new visual thinking, to high-grade delicate fruit, generally seen in fruit packaging high-end fruit, such as baskets, delicate fruit gift boxes, etc., the changing consumption habits also allow the sale of fruit The business had to keep up with the rhythm and work hard on the packaging.

There are various kinds of packaging products on the market, but many fruit packagings are easy to go into wrong practices and leave a bad impression on consumers.

    A wrong method: convenient and convenient


    It is the packaging that does not classify the fruit, the size is good or bad, and the packaging used, whether it is a carton, a bamboo basket, or a plastic bag, does not have any sign. Anyway, it can be packaged on the line. Shenzhen printing tells you that this kind of packaging is usually only installed in some large goods. Even if it enters the market, it can only be chosen by people and cannot enter the supermarket. Not even selling a good price.

    The wrong method II: imitation brand-name


    For example, Hami melon in Xinjiang, it is famous in the domestic market. However, this does not mean that the quality of Hami produced in this area is very good. However, while pursuing efficiency and pursuing brand names, some miscellaneous Hami melons are also sold under the packaging of “Xinjiang Hami Melon”. This method will not only directly affect the reputation of China's famous fruits, but it is also very easy for nearby fruit growers to generate a speculative short-term interest relationship. This is extremely disproportionate to the famous fruit development strategy.

    Mistakes 3: Opportunity

Most of these packages are selected to be transparent or to have a certain window. Shenzhen Printing tells you that on the surface, the fruits inside are indeed uniform and bright, but you can find out that you can find that most of the fruits have problems, just use the transparent psychology of consumers in the packaging process. Some small cleverness, this practice essentially undermines the principle of market integrity. For a long time, it will naturally be seen by consumers and is not conducive to the development of the market.

     The wrong method four: high-grade fine type


     In the choice of packaging, there is no objective and scientific choice of fruit quality matching packaging, but blindly believe that the more luxurious packaging, the more beautiful, the better the sales. In fact, in the eyes of many consumers, we must not only choose high-quality packaging, but also choose high-quality fruit. Only by doing so, can we establish a firm foothold in the market.

Therefore, when we choose to buy fruit, we must remember to look good on fruit packaging to ensure that we choose the best quality for ourselves.

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