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How To Lean Production How Do Printing Companies Do Lean Production? Talent Training Is The Key
May 28, 2018

I have been pondering over the past two years. The equipment we use is very similar to the Japanese printing plant, but the overall benefits are very different. Why?

Because the production process is not effectively connected, there is stagnation. To take a book, if the title page, cover, and text cannot reach the perfect binding machine at the same time, it will be ineffective if it does not produce any value. We realized the importance of effective convergence and developed a system. However, after a certain period of implementation, we did not achieve the expected results.

Initially, we think it is because the system is not reasonable enough. However, after going to Japan to study and study, I found the real reason: it was not a system problem but a human problem. Because the employee's participation was not high, they did not strictly follow the rules. If we say that the Japanese company employees can enforce the regulations to 80%, we can only reach 50% at most. I think this is where our gap lies.

Japan's lean production has been able to do so well, and various measures can be smoothly implemented. It is inseparable from the Japanese printing companies’ emphasis on improving employee execution. Training is one of the ways to effectively improve employee execution. Japanese companies are here. A lot of energy has been invested in this aspect.

In Japanese printing companies, those who have not received professional training cannot operate printing equipment. Only trained personnel can work independently. After the employees enter the company, they must not only receive professional training, but also write a training summary after the training is completed. The training department will also score and rank the training.

The investment made by Japanese printing companies for people is actually a reflection of their lean production ideas. Only by fully mastering the operation skills, can the employees carry out production efficiently and correctly, truly implement all measures, and maximize efficiency and reduce waste.

And our domestic printing companies are relatively lacking in this area. If a printing shop fails to perform according to the regulations, managers generally do not care much about it, let alone enhance the execution of employees through training. Most printing companies would rather spend big money on buying a new device than spend more on talent development.

For newly recruited employees, qualified companies will simply conduct training on safety production, quality management, etc. More companies will follow the pattern of the masters and apprentices. When they feel almost the same, new employees will find their way to work. Such execution can be imagined.

On the surface, printing companies have saved the cost of training staff, but from the final result, the productivity, equipment damage and losses caused by accidents caused by this method will be enormous. This point, the printing company managers need special attention.

During this study tour, the design and structure of the Japanese printing company's plant made me feel very amazed, and it will be practical to the end, to optimize the internal logistics and improve the production efficiency. For example, their equipment placement is based on practicability and ease of implementation as the first consideration factor, and appearance is more orderly. The connection between processes and processes in the workshop is very consistent. After a process is completed, the next process is performed immediately, saving every minute. Seconds and each step distance. The design of the factories of domestic printing companies tends to be beautiful and tidy. The distance between the two processes is far, even more than 50 meters, which will inevitably affect the production efficiency.

After returning from a visit to Japan, our company also changed the management thinking of the company, determined the idea of first solving employees' executive power, and encouraged employees to actively participate in production, because if everyone can't be involved, implementation and implementation cannot be discussed.

To this end, we did two things: First, we simplified the complicated procedures and facilitated the implementation of the employees. Second, we encouraged employees to actively participate in and actively implement various measures. Relying on lean production to reduce the cost of printing, is the concept that printing companies are all changing, that is, from the price war, relying on equipment to win to turn to management to benefit. In the era of meager profits, we must implement lean production and put the measures into place so that they can take root in every employee’s heart.

In 2015, Liu Haifeng, general manager of Tianjin Corbett Printing Co., Ltd., participated in the Japan Lean Printing Visit and the IGAS inspection and exchange mission organized by Corinth Media. After returning from a Japanese study tour, Liu Haifeng, the general manager, wrote the above with great emotion. After returning to the company, Liu Haifeng quickly turned the harvest into action and adopted some series of reform measures within the company.

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