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How To Make Perfect Printing?
- Jun 08, 2018 -

First, pay attention to the sample
And also, we have a sampling check in printing. The amount of ink supplied and the amount of water supplied by the color box packages will change a little shortly after they are officially printed. Frequent sampling inspection should be carried out and re-adjustment should be made. When the printing speed remains unchanged and the ink supply and water amount are in a stable state, sampling inspection shall be carried out according to the ratio of 500~1000 pieces per printing time.
A warning note is placed inside the chamber. In formal printing, as a mark of failure, a slender warning slip should be inserted to facilitate inspection in the subsequent process.
2. Pay attention to the change of water
Pay attention to the change in surface water at the beginning of formal printing. Testing-run when the water and into formal on water after printing, how many will be some changes, you must pay attention to the sample for any side ghosting, carry water, one side note settlement plate yield.
Parliamentary notices the changes in water content during the official printing process. Please pay close attention to the machine body heat and ventilation to the effects of water within the workshop, alcohol education version should pay attention to wetting system cooling device, control the temperature of the good wetting liquid, too little water, can make the printing plate up dirty. Too much water will cause ink emulsification, will bring a series of problems. For example, the printing of gloss, paper stretch and overprinter inaccurate, delay ink drying.
Pay attention to the change of ink
Pay attention to the ink of the ink cartridge. Ink from the ink bucket from the ink roller and scraper between the gap between the ink, is by the ink weight and the natural extrusion. Therefore, the amount of ink in the ink cartridge directly affects the amount of ink output. So, be careful to keep a certain amount of ink in the ink cartridge. In addition, printing ink has thixotropic properties. When placed in the ink cartridge for a long time, the fluidity will gradually deteriorate. Therefore, always use the ink knife to stir in the ink cartridge, or install the ink agitator.
Bamboo prevents ink from drying on the machine. When the machine stops for a long time, such as eating or resting, the ink on the ink roller and the ink surface in the ink cartridge will dry out. Use a dry inhibitor to spray on dry areas where necessary.
Depending on the amount of water, room temperature and machine speed, the density of fashion paper color box prints varies. Comparisons with standard samples should be made frequently. Pay attention to prevent ink color inhomogeneity.
In addition, the pH value of the wetting solution will be easily affected by the addition of auxiliary agent in the ink. If the pH value increases, the printing plate will become dirty, so special attention should be paid to it.
4. Pay attention to the dirt on the back
Backwash is caused by slow drying of ink, excessive thickness of graphic ink layer, and high smoothness of paper, so that the ink on the surface of the printing sheet to the back of the previous sheet.
5. Pay attention to the double shadow fault
The so-called double image is to use a printing plate to print the image out of the wrong move, in the printing sheet can see the double, triple image. There are many reasons for double shadow, such as paper, teeth, roller, rubber cloth, printing speed, ink viscosity and other factors are very complex. The following methods can be used to check the cause and handle it.
Double printing, observe the precision of overprinter, pull the side gauge paper force, into the paper, paper wheel, paper machine parts for inspection and adjustment.
String check the tension of the rubber cloth, the new rubber cloth is easy to relax, be careful to tighten in different times, but not too tight.
Press test for drum lining and printing pressure.
To check the adaptability of the paper. Poor paper stretch, especially in the mouth of the paper wave, prone to double shadow, so it should be checked.
Transaction reduces the viscosity of the ink. Ink viscosity is high, the paper can not peel off the rubber cloth smoothly, so that the paper towing tip part is not stable, resulting in double shadow. Can reduce the ink viscosity.
The regulation of the hollow pedicle. Bad adjustment and improper maintenance of teeth in mouth are a major cause of double shadow. Therefore, the adjustment and maintenance inspection of the teeth should be done regularly to keep them in good working condition.
Vi. Pay attention to check overprinting
Take out 20~30 pieces of printing products in succession, twist the edge of the paper a little after breaking, and check whether the front gauge and side gauge are positioned accurately (two overprinter checks can be carried out).
Pay attention to other work
Ink replacement, stirring and wetting fluid replacement.
Decanter handling. Because of the ink residue, paper powder, paper wool and other stolen goods adsorbed on the printing plate or rubber cloth, and reflected on the paper, it is necessary to remove dirt. Generally, the cleaning work should be stopped. Unless there is a device that can remove dirt during operation. It is absolutely prohibited to remove dirt directly by hand when running.
Press cleaning rubber cloth, plate cleaning and gluing. When the accumulation of ink, paper powder, powder spraying on the rubber cloth affects the transfer of ink, must stop cleaning the rubber cloth, the operation must be safe. Safety should also be paid attention to plate rubbing and gluing.
To pay attention to the abnormal phenomenon of printing machines. Pay attention to the sound, heat, vibration, smell and so on when the machine is running.
Viii. Confirm the printing number
When the printing of the gift novel boxes is finished, it should be confirmed whether the printing number is consistent with the production construction list. If there is a shortage, the production management personnel should be informed of the need for additional printing.

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