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How To Print A High Quality QR Code Shenzhen Printing How To Print A High Quality QR Code
May 23, 2018

The two-dimensional code is the use of a certain geometrical pattern to record data symbol information in a black and white pattern distributed in a plane according to a certain law. Everyone is familiar with this thing, but it is widely seen in life, which greatly facilitates our Life, for example, everyday WeChat scan code payment, scan code plus friends, scan code shopping things, etc., but do you know how to print out a high-quality packaging box QR code? The following let Xiangli Shenzhen Printing Factory Co., Ltd., to introduce to you.

First, color matching

      The color matching has a great influence on the maximum reflectivity of the strip and the print contrast. The principle of maximizing contrast and meeting the requirements of standards are important principles to be mastered when designing and printing two-dimensional codes. Black bar white space is the best choice. As long as there is sufficient contrast between the bar and the blank, other colors can be used, but the bar cannot be yellow, orange, red, dark brown, or gold. Beautify the two-dimensional code foreground and background color too close will also lead to two-dimensional code can not be normally scanned. In actual production, it is necessary to carry out proofing in advance for difficult combinations to be grasped. After testing, there are no problems before high-volume production can be carried out.

Second, size and resolution settings

      The minimum area of the QR code is 19mm x 19mm, and it cannot be shading or noise. The recommended resolution is set to 150 to 300dpi. The Shenzhen printing company knows that the QR code size is too small, too dense, or has insufficient resolution. , can lead to the two-dimensional code after printing can not be normally scanned. When the two-dimensional code is a profiled two-dimensional code, the corresponding two-dimensional code size requirement refers to a true two-dimensional code size.

Third, adjust the paper moisture content

      If the moisture content of the paper is not adjusted properly, there is a possibility that the variable QR code that has just been printed can be recognized by the two-dimensional code reading device, but after being left to dry, the image is distorted due to the spread of ink and the shrinkage of the paper. , thereby affecting the identification of two-dimensional code reading devices. Therefore, we must control the moisture content of the paper.

Fourth, leave a blank area size

      The blank area plays the role of the two-dimensional code recognition device in preparing for scanning, and must ensure that its size is sufficient. In the process of reading the actual two-dimensional code, in order to avoid the interference of surrounding colors, the width of the left and right blank areas of the two-dimensional code should generally be not less than 5mm.

Fifth, control the size of the ink

      The ink thickness is the best

Sixth, the printing speed should not be too high

      If two-dimensional codes are printed using a web printer equipped with a nozzle or a coding system, in order to ensure the accuracy of the two-dimensional codes and improve the accuracy of the detection of the two-dimensional codes, the printing speed of the web printer should be controlled to 40 to 80m/min, otherwise it is easy to increase the rejection rate of the product. The printhead resolution should be adjusted to 600 dpi x 300 dpi, and disposable nozzles or new nozzles are preferred.

      The above are the key issues for printing two-dimensional codes. Xiangli Shenzhen Printing Factory Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of various kinds of quality two-dimensional code packaging boxes, gift boxes, color cards, albums, greeting cards, stickers, etc. Manual and other packaging business. Free design of free proofing, sincere service to our customers, if you need to know more, welcome to consult us.

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