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How To Realize Green Environmental Protection In Gravure Printing
Apr 03, 2018

Gravure printing industry's new technology, new technology, new equipment and materials will be towards the green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, reduce wastage, improve the quality and efficiency of the direction of rapid development.

Shenzhen printing factory In this context, no benzene technology, loss control, efficient drying equipment, solvent recovery, a series of new technologies began to apply to the soft packaging gravure printing industry. 1. gravure printing and other equipment to upgrade the gravure production process of the largest material loss is the boot debugging and Misregister produced by the waste, if the fine adjustment operation and process steps closely linked, will be able to obtain a stable, predictable scrap value.gravure printing equipment Manufacturers in the domestic use of rapid pre-registration, high-precision tension control, such as the latest technology, so that cutting losses, equipment restart loss (has been set), the loss of a single, restart previously stored orders lost, spin down loss, etc. reached a relatively low level, even in some respects superior to the international advanced level. 

Soft packaging products by the pressure of meager profit, domestic flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises in the selection of equipment has been more and more attention to the printing or composite equipment processing (including normal roll-change) in the material consumption indicators, with a view to minimizing product costs. Therefore, the material loss data has become the flexible packaging gravure printing enterprises to select the important indicators of equipment.

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