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How To Solve The Emulsifying Problem In Printing?
Jun 07, 2018

When the paper present box ink is mixed with the fountain solution, the fountain solution is evenly distributed in the ink with tiny particles to form emulsification. When the water content of the ink reaches 20% or so, it will form the most suitable "stable" emulsifying state for printing. If the moisture content is too high or the pH value of the fountain solution is too low, the ink dispersion ability will be reduced, the mobility will be reduced, the emulsion is unstable, ink accumulation and other problems. Different types of ink will produce different emulsifying conditions. Compared with ordinary ink, synthetic ink, metallic ink and bright ink are more sensitive to water content and pH value. The emulsified ink of Shanghai printing plant will delay the drying time and increase the risk of back printing.


Set the ink and water balance correctly and monitor the creative gift box continuously throughout the production process.

When the ink has been emulsified, the ink roller should be cleaned and re-inked according to the correct ink proportion;

Check the fountain solution and replace it on time (ideal fountain solution: original water hardness 8-120dh, pH value 4.8-5.5, temperature 10-150c);

If the Heidelberg continuous alcohol system is used, ink separation printing should be adopted or ink roller blowing should be used to remove excessive water.

Try to avoid frequent pre/post-run, especially in the process of printing and color correction, so as to avoid excessive water accumulation of the ink roll;

Correct adjustment of ink roll;

When color paper box printing small ink, additional ink strips will help balance the ink.

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