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Hualian Printing: Practice Green Printing To Achieve Sustainable Development
- Nov 09, 2018 -

General Secretary Xi Jinping said at the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee that "the development concept of innovation, coordination, openness and sharing must be firmly established and implemented." At the National Congress of the People's Republic of China in March 2017, Premier Li Keqiang’s "Government Work Report" also proposed: Strengthening the environmental protection of environmental protection and accelerating the improvement of the ecological environment, especially the air quality, is the urgent desire of the people and sustainable development. The inherent requirements. It can be seen that green development has become the focus of the government's work. In this context, the printing industry is deeply affected and is also making its own adjustments to achieve green printing, cleaner production and sustainable development.

In recent years, the government has successively introduced more macro-control policies to promote the smooth implementation of green development concepts, such as sewage charging system, sewage permit system, sewage charges changed to environmental taxes, strict law enforcement supervision, and support for green investment. . After the collection of VOCs sewage charges in Beijing, 19 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have carried out VOCs sewage charges. The laws and discharge standards related to environmental protection are becoming more and more strict and perfect. This has indeed brought greater cost pressures to the printing enterprises' production and operation, such as VOCs sewage charges, environmental protection equipment and personnel investment to meet new emission standards. Enterprise development also requires business managers to operate according to law, fulfill social responsibilities, provide green products, improve the operating environment for employees, and enhance market competitiveness. Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hua Lian Printing”) has always attached great importance to environmental protection investment, unswervingly implemented green printing, supported and fulfilled the government's environmental protection requirements through practical actions, and led the industry's environmental governance concept to create environmental protection and industry protection. Model of pollution control.

Since 2011, Hualian Printing has become the first printing company to receive green printing certification, and has successively upgraded its production equipment and introduced end treatment facilities such as waste gas and waste water. In general, Hualian Printing's environmental protection and pollution control measures are mainly reflected in the following four aspects.

Source reduction, use of environmentally friendly materials

Hualian Printing has gradually replaced green materials from raw materials before 2011. For example, papers that use FSC certification account for more than 2% of the total paper use, using soy ink, vegetable starch dusting, water-based adhesive. , water-based varnish and so on. In recent years, the source of VOCs has been continuously reduced based on the original results, such as the use of alcohol-reducing fountain solution, alcohol-free fountain solution, and environmentally friendly car wash water.

Through the above measures, Hualian Printing reduced the VOCs investment by 34 tons, reduced VOCs emissions by more than 16 tons, and saved environmental protection costs by more than RMB 330,000.

Process control to reduce VOCs output

Hualian Printing has always adopted the ISO 140001 environmental management system as the basis for the company's environmental management; in 2011, it took the lead in implementing and passed the green printing certification; in 2013, it implemented and passed the voluntary cleaning production audit; in 2016, it began to implement the reduction of VOCs. The mandatory clean production audit, which is focused on, is currently undergoing an audit and acceptance phase. Through green printing certification and clean production audit, the environmental management level in the production process is greatly improved. In the production process, Hualian Printing adopted the central ink supply, central water supply, central gas supply, automatic cleaning blanket, LED lighting system and other devices and color management digital workflow, implemented efficiency reduction projects, energy performance assessment, glue The roller blanket quota management and continuous clean production system reduced the amount of addition and adjustment, the elimination of high-energy-consuming motors, the reduction of unorganized emissions of VOCs, and the upgrading of end treatment devices.

Through a series of measures, the comprehensive production cost can be reduced by more than 1.2 million yuan; the clean production audit has produced 19 non-low-cost schemes and 3 medium-high-cost schemes, with an accumulated environmental investment of 2.08 million yuan, saving 75,000 kW per year. · h, the annual economic benefits increased by 1,151,700 yuan, reducing VOCs emissions by 21.53 tons per year.

End treatment, refine hazardous waste, waste gas, wastewater treatment

Hualian Printing established an environmental management team including senior management personnel and grassroots management personnel at each production workshop to establish and optimize the Waste Management Process, standardize and supervise the daily environmental behavior of employees, and ensure that the company's waste is strictly in accordance with relevant party requirements. Classified storage and compliance disposal.

In the aspect of waste gas treatment, the introduction of activated carbon adsorption + desorption catalytic combustion exhaust gas treatment technology, photo-oxidation catalytic plasma combined process technology, secondary combustion and other VOCs end treatment technology, do the workshop waste gas collection, maintain the workshop micro-negative pressure, ensure the collection effect and Prevent unorganized escape. At present, Hualian Printing has an organized discharge test data showing that the emission concentration of total benzene, toluene and xylene and non-methane total hydrocarbons is much lower than that of DB11/1201-2015 "Volatile Organic Compounds in Printing Industry". January 1, 2017 The Phase II standard, which began to be implemented from day to day, requires good end-of-pipe treatment. The exhaust gas concentration near the equipment was reduced by 94.9%, and the exhaust gas concentration outside the shop door and window was reduced by 92.7%.

In the aspect of wastewater treatment, waste developer and plated water are recycled at a low temperature, which reduces the generation of hazardous waste by 80%, so that prepress plate printing consumes almost no fresh water.

Inspection, supervision

Hualian Printing accepts government and social supervision, regularly publishes corporate environmental monitoring information on the website of the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau and the company website, and fulfills corporate social responsibility.

Along the way, Hualian Printing has achieved certain results in environmental protection and printing pollution control, and has also been recognized by the government, associations and society. In 2016, Hualian Printing was awarded a special contribution unit for green printing. These achievements are not only the results of Hualian Printing, but also the joint efforts of Hualian Printing raw materials suppliers and environmental technology service providers. In the face of increasing environmental protection pressures and rising environmental protection costs, Hualian Printing will continue to increase environmental protection investment, upgrade and upgrade production technology, continue to clean production management, and continue to work hard to produce green products, create a green environment, and save energy and reduce emissions. It is also expected that raw and auxiliary materials suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and environmental technology service providers can provide better green printing solutions to achieve sustainable development in the printing industry.

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