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Ink Printing Inks Eight Points Must Be Noticed In The Printing Of Trademark Ink Printing Inks
Apr 20, 2018

The 8 points that must be noted in the printing of trademark inks for UV printing:

1.UV light source:

UV flexo requires a UV light source for each color group. Different colors of UV flexo printing inks have different UV absorption capabilities. For example, yellow and magenta have low absorptivity, they are easy to cure and dry, and blue and black absorb UV light and are not easy to dry. The power of UV lamps can be allocated according to different colors. Arrange printing color sequence to ensure proper drying of various colors of UV inks and save energy. Pay attention to the aging of the UV light source and replace the UV lamp in time to prevent incomplete curing and adhesion. UV lamps have a typical life of 1000 hours. Frequent startup will significantly reduce lamp life.


2. Anilox Roller: When UV flexo ink is used, the angle of the screen of the anilox roller is preferably 30° or 60° below several common ceramic anilox rollers:

200 lines 9.5~11.0BCM Anilox can print opaque solid patterns

360 Line 4.5~6.5BCM Anilox Roller Printable and Line Pattern

550 Line 3.0BCM Anilox Roller Printable Continuously Adjustable Image Product

650 Line 2.5BCM Anilox Roller Printable Continuously Adjustable Image Product

800 Line 2.0BCM Anilox Roller Printable Fine Continually Adjustable Image Product


3. Rubber roller:

The rubber roller must be resistant to ultraviolet ink. The rubber roller usually used is generally made of EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) or silicone rubber.


4. Plate:

Although currently used flexographic printing plates can basically be used for UV flexo inks, it is better to use UV inks with better printing plates. For example, DuPont's UVP-67 plate and so on.


5. Ink viscosity:

UV flexo inks have a slightly higher viscosity than water-based inks or solvent-based flexo inks, and they have a wide range and can be used in the 200 to 1000CPS range.


6. Storage:

UV flexo inks should be strictly protected from light and heat. Storage temperature should be controlled at 5 ~ 30 °C, storage shelf life is generally six months.


7. Additives:

UV flexo ink commonly used additives are mainly three, UV reactive diluent, UV curing accelerator, UV ink cleaning agent.


8. Security protection:

At present, there are two main points for preventing the printing of major trademarks: one is the harm of ultraviolet radiation to the human body; the other is the harm of UV ink to the human body. The former needs to use lightproof materials to shield and seal the light source and enhance ventilation. The latter should be operated with gloves to prevent UV ink from directly contacting the skin. The trademark printing factory warns you that if UV ink splashes on the skin, it should be dried first. Rub, then wash with soap and water.


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