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Ink Safety Issues Cannot Be Ignored!
Jan 12, 2019

UV curable inks require chemical feedback. They have feedback on the UV rays, and if the liquid ink splashes on your skin, it will also give feedback.

Label printing manufacturers must wear goggles, because if the ink enters the eye, you can be severely damaged (not to mention the weak curing lamps to deal with the damage that the eyes can make).

There is no doubt that the activity of those inks is very weak, and the chemical materials that are harmless are harmed. If they are not handled properly, they will be damaged. Today, several printer manufacturers are pursuing low-intensity UV inks. The first thing is to eliminate or eliminate the co-solvent that comes out of the ink formulation and it will be boring over time with the ink, low-intensity monomers, oligomers or light-induced substances.

In the current printing of ink onto the substrate, the UV curing lamp causes the oligomer monomer outside the ink to start cross-linking, and then it immediately forms a solid three-dimensional matrix, which is not expected to take the printed substrate to constitute a chemical/physical Bonding. If not fully cured, those cross-linked active ingredients can remain outside the print. For some uses, it can be irrelevant, but if the department's cured prints are to be taken for use, or if they are to be used indoors, then there is a problem.

Tag printers have learned that many UV printers and ink makers claim that their inks can be thoroughly feedbackd without risk if used properly. Smell the print! If you can smell the ink, then it has volatile chemicals. Those volatile materials can be derived from the printed materials, and can be derived from organic solvents that are present in large quantities outside the ink formulation for the function of the dispensing nozzle, and can also be derived from the harmless identity that has been fed back. No matter which kind of environment should be aware of its risks, and respond to the days of using them. Don't forget to check the data safety data sheet and adopt the preventive measures of the initiative.

All in all, we have made great improvements in the inkjet printing ink war printing system plan, but still remember to browse the ink data safety data sheet, know the risks, and adopt preventive measures, so as not to damage itself, manipulate Workers, customers fight the environment.

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