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Introducing Flexo Printing To Achieve Technological Leap
Jan 12, 2019

In 2005, our company established a business relationship with Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd., supplying millions of cartons from the initial year to 40 million cartons a year later. The supply growth is very rapid, resulting in the original year. Millions of offset printing cannot meet customer needs. To this end, in 2006, our company introduced flexo printing technology. With the application of flexographic printing technology, both supply and delivery speeds have increased significantly.

In 2008, under the guidance of Tsingtao Brewery, for the facial paper used in Tsingtao beer carton, our company began to carry out a light-coated calcined paper with a basis weight of 200g/m2 instead of a gray-whiteboard paper with a basis weight of 250g/m2.

In October 2008, our company introduced the 8-color flexo preprinting machine of Guangzhou Kesi Gao Flexo Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. This equipment adopts advanced technologies such as sleeve changing and non-stop paper change, mainly for the supply of Tsingtao beer supporting cartons.

In August 2009, Tsingtao Brewery held a technical exchange meeting to confirm that the light-coated cattle cardboard was officially promoted and used as a Tsingtao beer carton paper until it finally replaced the high-quantity gray-backed whiteboard paper. At the same time, our company's “first to promote the use of domestic light-coated cattle cardboard” project won the “Tsingtao Brewery 2010 Innovation Contribution Award” at the Tsingtao Brewery 2010 Supplier Conference.

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