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Is The Influence Of Printing E-commerce On Our Exaggeration?
May 30, 2018

In 2015, Alibaba’s “Double 11” turnover exceeded 90 billion, and 99% of companies across the country could not achieve such results in a year. The mode of using the Internet to do business seems to be changing all walks of life. Everyone thinks that the Internet is bound to change. Our printing business.

In the face of the raging Internet, printing companies began to consider whether to establish a platform to open up the online market. However, I heard that building a platform requires all parties' resources and conditions. Even if they can afford the cost of building a platform, there are astronomical marketing costs because To enable customers to find your print portal in "Linghai Hai" and recognize your service advantages, I am afraid to pay far more than the cost of building a website platform. In this way, the idea of an independent printing or quick printing shop building its own platform seems unrealistic.

After the annual meeting of printing electricity providers, hundreds of printed e-commerce companies have been added to the country. Many of them have extended their cooperation to the printing companies. They have invited the printing companies to cooperate with the fast printing shops. Some other companies are working together to warm up together. Internet access. Whether or not to cooperate and how to cooperate? Let the printing colleagues feel confused and do not know where to go.

Everyone knows that marketing a network platform, especially the industrial supply chain, cannot subsidize or provide free services. It can't attract peers to cooperate. This is totally different from running a printing company. But from another perspective, e-commerce looks very powerful, but what is the reality? According to statistics last year, e-commerce actually accounts for less than 5% of the country's overall business, but all walks of life are complaining about Ma In China's economy, it can be seen that the full range of industries that can be obtained from overwhelming e-commerce reports may be somewhat "like a child".

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