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Jeans Tag Printing Jeans Tag Printing Custom Custom Selection Of Which Process Is Better?
May 04, 2018

In daily life, we often encounter some businesses that need customized jeans tag, and they will ask such a question: Can we use four-color printing and spot color printing at the same time on the same tag? What will be the effect? Like this question, how did the masters explain this problem?

    Clothes tag We all know that if a surface of a clothing tag has both a color layered picture and a large range of background colors, then the local part of the color picture can be selected by the four-color printing process. However, spot color printing technology can be selected in a wide range of background colors.

    Customized jeans tag custom printed jeans tag custom-made so the advantage is that the four-color printing part by the control of the actual density of the original picture can be a real reduction, the background part can be properly increased by the amount of ink to get a symmetrical and thick ink sensory experience. In general, the use of such technology is frequently used in the manufacture of high-end jeans tags and in the printing and production of stamps, but the increase in the number of colors also leads to a significant increase in the cost of printing plates.


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