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Label Printer The New Generation Of Label Printers Will Be The World Premiere On The Gallas 2016 Innovation Day!
May 30, 2018

The 2nd Gallas 2016 Innovation Day will be held from September 20th to 22nd at the Gallas headquarters in St. Gallen, Switzerland. During this Innovation Day event, the audience will have the privilege of witnessing the world premiere of Geras's next-generation label flexo presses. The company will introduce a new generation of label flexographic printing presses, which are mainly used in the labeling and packaging industry. The new generation of label printers adopts an innovative platform structure. Whether it is the degree of automation or the printing format, it can be flexibly configured according to customer needs. Meet their specific market needs. In the 2nd Gallus 2016 Innovation Day, Gallas will debut its first series of 440mm flexographic printing equipment, which is the fastest printing flexo printing in the history of Gallas. The equipment, with a maximum printing speed of up to 200m/min, is expected to be delivered in the second quarter of 2017 after the launch of the 2016 Innovation Day.

In the same period, the new innovation of the Gallus will also show the new features of the existing equipment of the company: GEW Rhino UV-LED drying system configured by the Gallus ECS 340; faster drying speed and faster speed of the Gallus RCS 430 at high speed The production process of the "Metallic Doming" effect of razor wire mesh; Digital inkjet printing at 1200 dpi resolution with a Gallas Labelfire 340 at a speed of 50 m/min, completed once from roll to finished product; Heidelberg Omnifire 250 decorative three-dimensional product Digital Solutions; Gallus Rotascreen, Gallas Rotary screen printing and more. In addition, there are exciting demonstration exchanges of the latest products and services of the partners of Gallas, as well as the Gallus Expert Forum activities, leading experts will share the latest trends and technological developments in the narrow-width rotary label printing industry, enabling a three-day innovation day. The activity is more complete.

The Gallas 2016 Innovation Day event is now open for registration. You can now register for the Gallas 2016 Innovation Day event on the official Gallas website ( The Gallas welcomes you!

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