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Laser Die Cutting Promotes Digital Printing And Packaging Process
May 29, 2018

The application of laser die-cutting in post-press processing is not new. Over ten years ago, when the author worked in a well-known die-cutting plate and laser equipment manufacturer in the industry, laser die-cutting was used for carton proofing. Since the laser beam die-cutting technology of Haike Co., Ltd. has been debuted in Drupa 2016, coupled with the recent landing of a printing company in Dongguan, laser die-cutting has become a hot topic in the industry for a while. Here, in line with the bold assumption of the principle of careful verification, the author talks about the current application and improvement of laser die-cutting and talks about personal opinions.

The advantages of laser die cutting

Laser die cutting is a thermal cutting method in which a focused laser beam is used instead of a die-cutting steel blade, and the incision and connection point of the product are made by continuous and disconnection of the pulse. There are two working modes: one is a vector path, and the light spot is cut along the product die cut contour; the second is progressive scan, and the light spot moves in different directions through the galvanometer system (ie, the motor drives the high-speed rotation of the lens to achieve progressive scanning ). Both models are used in laser die-cutting machines used in the packaging and printing industry.

Compared with the traditional die-cutting method, the advantages of laser die-cutting are obvious.

1. Restricted product design

Laser die cutting removes product design limitations, such as hole diameters of 0.3mm, dense hollow designs, and more. In the past, similar structural designs were either limited by mold making or restricted by a stripping process. Laser die cutting can not only easily overcome these limitations, but cutting without mechanical pressure can also avoid tearing and stripping of the product.

2. Save production cost and production time of die cutting tools

The traditional die-cutting method requires a certain amount of time for the production of die-cutting plates and supporting tools, ranging from one day (laser knife molds, resin bottom molds, discarded plates, etc.) to several days (sandwich steel molds, sub-box molds, etc.) Production), which is disadvantageous for orders with fast delivery requirements; in terms of cost, the production cost of the traditional die-cutting die-cutting tools varies from a few hundred to several ten thousand yuan (depending on the requirements, quantity of the products, and the type of molds ), while laser die cutting consumes only a few gas mixtures in this process (in fact, for long-term orders similar to cigarette packets, the cost of the die cut and its plate-making time are also insignificant).

3. Optimized debugging program

In the traditional die-cutting method, mold debugging is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also has strict requirements on the technical proficiency of workers. Laser die cutting is a digital process, and its modification or editing is very simple and it can be completed on the device in just a few minutes.

4. Eliminating the mold and maintenance replacement process

In the traditional die-cutting, the pressure change of the machine and the service life of the die will affect the state of the die. For example, the blade breaks the olecranon, chipping, and becomes blunt. It needs to be replaced or maintained regularly, which not only increases the labor intensity of workers, but also increases production. The cost also reduces the production efficiency. Laser die-cutting eliminates this program and relatively increases production efficiency.

5. Breakthrough the waste bottleneck of special products

The traditional die-cutting method has always had a process bottleneck for the removal of extreme design products (such as the aforementioned 0.3 mm diameter hole point, dense hollow design). Laser die cutting or cutting or etching can be easily done.

6. Removed mold inventory pressure

Traditional molds not only have the tedious work of inventory, maintenance, and management, but also have the risk of searching for trouble and mistaking for repetitive use. The laser die cutting is for repeated orders, and the job data is saved in the form of files, without inventory and other pressure.

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