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LCD TV Industry Application Problems
- May 30, 2018 -

Stickers are widely used in electronic products. The same applies to the television industry. Advertising labels, energy efficiency labels, and functional labels are common. General advertising labels are mostly used for advertising or labeling purposes. In the 1980s, when it was still the era of CRT TVs, televisions mostly used electrostatic tags, and they worked well for a long time. Since 2004, LCD TVs have gradually replaced CRT TVs. The TV body is very slim. The revolutionary changes in the form of this product have also brought some trouble to the use of labels. The following are some common difficulties in the application of LCD TV industry labels.

How to print low-cost black body white barcode labels

The bar code label on the back of the TV is generally printed on the ribbon using white coated paper stickers. For television production plants, this is convenient because barcode labels carry a lot of product information, imply rules, and are inconvenient for outward processing. The left picture is a black and white bar code printing effect, the right picture is a black and white bar code renderings, but also our designers want the effect, that is, hope that the bar code label is not so obvious, less large area of white. Whether ribbon printing can achieve this effect, experts also urged.

The author once saw on the market that the Asustek computer had a black and white barcode label on the box. The effect was good. The character was of high precision. After analysis, it was found that it was a black and white offset printing ink. Overlaying the optical film, and finally printing the white ribbon, but this method is costly, it is several times the cost of black and white barcode printing on coated paper.

Is there a high temperature resistant material to replace the glass fiber tape in the machine

Glass fiber tapes mainly play the role of the management line and are also commonly used in the television industry. When the LCD TV is working, the maximum temperature of the body can reach about 60°C, and the local temperature will be higher, which will cause the glass fiber tape used in the casing to be easily detached, causing the TV to malfunction. Is there a high reliability material that can be used to fix the wire in the machine?

How LCD or front frame labels adapt to narrow borders

In recent years, with the increasing aesthetic demands of consumers and the increasing manufacturing technology of Shi Ping, the outer borders of LCD screens have become narrower, and some TVs have even a borderless design. In the Asia-Pacific market, the use of TV advertising labels on television screens is very common. The purpose is to show consumers the functions and selling points of TVs or certain specifications. This serves as a propaganda function. In the past, the border of the LCD TV had a width of at least about 20mm. The advertising label could be made of removable adhesive material and attached to the frame. Now the frame of the TV is generally 5~8mm. Some products are close to no border, only 1 The width of ~2mm, so the label has almost no place to stick on the frame. How to make the label stick on the front of the LCD TV, and to ensure that there is no adhesive residue, no warping, no fall off, we are always looking for an ideal method. LCD TV labels on the market have a variety of posting methods, there is a direct paste screen, there are stickers on the border, but also use tape to tie the label on the TV shell, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. No matter what kind of paste method, the label must pass the environmental fitness test. The detection condition of high temperature and high humidity is 60°C, 90% humidity 72 hours, and the low temperature detection condition is -10°C, 72 hours.

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