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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Moisture-proof Carton Corrugated Carton Carton Printing Plant Maintenance And Maintenance Of Moisture-proof Carton
May 11, 2018

Once the carton is immersed in water, it loses its original performance and cannot be packaged again. So when we carried out carton packaging, the carton printing factory told everyone to remember the following points to prevent the cartons from getting wet.

       When we pack cartons with moisture-proof carton, we must pay attention to maintenance and maintenance. When the carton is newly purchased, it is necessary to carefully read the manual to understand the basic structure, performance, and application of the carton packaging to prevent the operational consciousness. When nailing the box, adjust the position of the main and left and right baffles and the position of the upper and lower nail heads according to the flaps of the carton.

       When we adjust the moisture-proof carton pack, we must note that the left and right flaps cannot be clamped too tightly, but the cardboard can be easily inserted and withdrawn as appropriate. . When the mechanical adjustment of the carton is over, the touch screen will stop the setting of the computer: the height of the carton = the height of the original carton - 40mm, while the paper pays attention to the correct use of the staple carton machine, we should note the correct maintenance and maintenance of the carton packaging machine. The key links for improving the efficiency of consumption and the quality of nail boxes cannot be ignored.

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